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Amazon EchoDot And Contract Renewal

I have renewed the existing contract which comes with an Amazon EchoDot 4th G free. During the upgrade time, the sales advisor informed us that it will take 37 days to send the voucher code or so. I have already spoken to the other advisors after pas...

£50 voucher

I'm waiting to hear from someone about the £50, voucher as promised #fibre35

Kmac36 by Chatterbox
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Where is my voucher?

Renewed my broadband contract on 24th March 2022 with the promise of a £50 shopping voucher which I would receive by email within 60 days. 60 days later no voucher so I called. On the phone for over 30mins, told it would be sent to me in the next 30 ...

Rach172 by Sightseer
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Giftcard not received

Hi There, I was promised a £75 gift card as part of my new service with Talk Talk, but as yet have received no contact about this from either Talk Talk or I was told it would take 45 days to come through, and it has been roughly 100 day...

cafc831 by Chatterbox
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Not received Amazon voucher after 90 days

Hi, I was told I would receive an £85 Amazon voucher when I signed up. When I check the Giftcloud link, I see the following - 'Your purchase is being processed' and 'Once your provider lets us know you have completed your purchase we will update this...


Hello when I upgraded my internet I signed up to receive the free Amazon dot and smart plugs which I havnt received the email for it’s been over the 37 days any help would be apreiciated.

Amazon Tech pack

I signed up for Fibre 65 which went live on 6th May. As part of my package I also opted to pay more for the Amazon Tech bundle. I have not received the code for the bundle and your call centre don't seem to accept that the offer ever existed. I have ...

Albull by Sightseer
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Voucher not recieved

Hi there,I signed up for Talk Talk in November 2021 and have not recieved the £70 Amazon voucher included as part of the package. Please can you help. Many Thanks

Amazon Tech Package

Renewed my contract in February, waited the time given and have not been sent my Amazon code. Code was due to arrive by email 16th May 2022

Help on Amazon Voucher

My broadband service went up live on 7th March 2022, was promised an Amazon voucher as a sign-up reward 90 days after the service goes live. I also double-checked and confirmed my eligibility with Talktalk customer service. However, it's been more th...

ttlwl by Sightseer
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Not received voucher confirmation

Hello, I have been with talktalk since the start of February and when I joined I went through a link that gave me a voucher for joining, the voucher company say talktalk are yet to confirm my purchase even though it has been longer than 90 days can a...

Amazon Voucher

I'm a new customer, I would like to know. How much time it will take to receive an Amazon voucher?

Voucher not received

Hi, I've still not received my £100 amazon voucher for signing up. Its been well over the 37 days as i signed up through talktalk not a 3rd party site. Can someone help please? Not sure where this should be posted.

ssignomi by Team Player
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where's my amazon code??

renewed end of March so well past the 37 days - still no code.Yes i've checked my junk box and nothing there. Please sort out for my code to be sent please.

spin42 by Chatterbox
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Amazon Voucher for £130

Hey there.I understand that the wait for said voucher is usually 45 days but I have yet to recieve any information about the process of said voucher.It's been about 3 weeks or more and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me the situation regarding ...

Setto by Team Player
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Contract Renewal - £50 voucher not received.

Hi TalkTalk, Last month my contract was coming to an end and as such i had searched for a better deal, when i called TalkTalk to discuss my options i spoke with the retentions team and they offered to beat the deal i had found - this was via an adjus...

GiftCloud Voucher

Hi, I was offered a voucher as an incentive to renew my contract back in February.It's been over 90 days and I have not received any emails relating to the voucher, how do I claim this.Thanks

£90 Amazon voucher

I have asked Giftcloud to contact you because they need confirmation that I actually purchased your package on 26th January. Please can you sort this ASAP as I see this is a common problem amongst your customers. I gave them my original N number refe...

Rosdin75 by First Timer
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Amazon voucher

Hi, I have yet received my£100 Amazon voucher for switching back to talktalk. I switched back in January. How do I go about getting getting it. Thanks Lee *removed*

Voucher Issue

Hello there, I joined with an active offer of a £75 voucher. I've now received this, but the value was £50 and not £75 as expected. Please could some TT staff have a look when you get chance, thank you. Jack

Jack91 by Conversation Starter
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Talk talk £85 Giftcloud Voucher

Hi I purchased talk talk fibre 65 in February and was told I’d receive my £85 gift cloud voucher after 90 days. I called after 90 days and was told I’d get the voucher by today. I haven’t received a voucher and called talk talk to which they advised ...

Amazon Echo Dot Offer

Hello I Upgraded to Fibre 65 a few months back with the promise of an Echo Dot and smart plug I am yet to receive any code to claim this Please advise what I need to do Kind regards

Amazon Echo Dot offer and customer service issues

OK, so, deep breath. This is a lot.I'm having the same issue as a lot of other customers regarding the Echo Dot and Smart Plug codes which have not been sent out - until finding this forum I thought I was the only one. I renewed my contract on 22 Mar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Not received my Amazon Echo Doth 4th Gen voucher after 37 days

Hi, I have got in touch with TalkTalk with no luck, I want the voucher code for the item as promised when renewing, I feel that this was a trick to lure customers to renew since we have to chase up to get to a resolution, while being promised to get ...

KhilBas by First Timer
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