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Order Number

Hello, As I can see a number of other people have asked (but with no real solutions as far as I've seen yet), I also ordered Talk Talk Fibre 900 on the basis that I would get a £100 voucher. The date for that voucher to arrive has now passed and when...

Quidco Cashback

Hello, I took out a Fibre 150 package with TalkTalk in November 2023, purchasing it using Quidco as £50 cashback was advertised at the time. This has still not been paid out to me and is still showing as just Tracked on Quidco, please can you assist?...

Gift voucher offer after deciding to stay with TalkTalk

Hello there, I was told to start my own thread - so here it is! I recently went over to another provider for a better deal, but TalkTalk made a better offer so I decided to stay... Part of that better offer was a gift voucher, but that hasn't been me...

Gift Voucher

I was promised a £100 gift voucher on 30/08/23 when I opted to reverse my decision to leave at the end of my contract. It never arrived. On 29/01/24, and 16/04/24 I enquired and was promised it would be re-issued. On both occasions I accepted invitat...

Expecting gift voucher confirmation email

Hi I have recently renewed my contract over the phone, and the customer service has agreed gift voucher will be sent after 3 months. However, the gift voucher was not mentioned in the new contract and there was no extra email confirmation about this....

Not received £100 Visa gift card after renewing over phone

I rang up on 30th January debating whether to leave talktalk but was offered a new deal with a £100 visa gift card which I accepted. I then waited 41 days with no voucher arriving… I rang back talktalk retention team who told me to email Hello@giftcl...

Mph1234 by Sightseer
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£25 voucher not received after Full Fibre installation

HiI still haven't received my £25 voucher after my upgrade to Full Fibre. It was installed on 23/02 24, so I have waited double the stated 45 days and still no email. I too have contacted giftcloud support as directed in the installation email, all I...

AA08 by Chatterbox
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Another one of those missing gift voucher posts

Sorry guys, you must be fed up with dealing with these kinds of posts now, but here's another one. I was moving to a different provider but talktalk persuaded me to stay with them and renew my contract instead. They offered me a great discount on my ...

Voucher for recommending a new customer not forthcoming.

This is at the request of staff member who thinks the thread isn’t mine as it was transferred successfully from another so here are the previous statements. I recommended a friend to open an account with Talk Talk, which in due course it was and the ...

£25 Amazon voucher for fibre upgrade not received

Hi,I haven't received my £25 voucher after the upgrade to Full Fibre. I waited the full 45 days and then got in touch with giftcloud support as directed in the email. It's been over a week and so far giftcloud are just sending placeholder emails.Any ...

Voucher not materialising

I recommended a friend to open an account with TalkTalk, which in due course it was and the required period and payment of the first bill paid by the new customer met. On the 1/4/2024 I received an email from TalkTalk stating to expect the promised £...

Free Amazon Echo Dot 2024 - April

I recently renewed my Fibre 65 contract and was advised that there was currently an offer for a free Amazon Echo Dot on new contracts.Having not received any further advice regarding this, is it possible for you to chase and arrange for one to be shi...

Order number begin with N

My contract started on the 16 Jan 2024. Talk talk advise me to contact Giftcloud for my £70 voucher. They need my order number that begins with N. Its not on my documents. Please advise Thanks

Sammy25 by First Timer
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voucher not received 2024

Hi, I renewed my contract in February 2024, as part of the offer to renew I was offered a voucher for supermarkets/debit card which would be sent to me via email after 45 days and then I would have to claim it. I haven't received anything via email a...

keystone by First Timer
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voucher not materialising

In January I was upgraded to Full Fibre with Digital Voice and I was promised a £25 voucher after 45 days but nothing has arrived in my Inbox. As instructed by the small print I have made contact with Giftcloud but I have got nowhere - they have an "...

silvergirl by Super Duper Contributor
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Still awaiting giftcard...

I am still awaiting my giftcard well over 4 months after having switched our broadband to TalkTalk. In common with others on here I discover that in order to make an enquiry I need an "Order ID beginning with N" - which does not feature in any commun...

Mr_Edit by First Timer
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I was in the process of leaving Talk Talk and ended up receiving a call from you offering me a deal to stay. I ended up signing up with Talk Talk for another 18 months and was promised a £50 Amazon voucher within 90 days. I haven't received anything ...

Have not received £100 Amazon voucher

I was in the process of leaving talk talk and ended up receiving a call from yourself offering me a deal to stay. I ended up signing up with talk talk for another 18months and was promised a £100 Amazon voucher within 30 days. I haven’t received anyt...

Huntrodz by First Timer
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Not receievd £80 Giftcloud voucher

I have been trying to talk to someone via live chat about this however it is not working. I keep getting a message telling me to go back or log in to use live chat, despite me being logged in already. When I renewed my contract I was informed that I ...

Full fibre voucher

Hi, I was upgraded to full fibre and have yet to receive the £25 voucher, is it sent by TalkTalk?

damien1928 by Conversation Starter
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Voucher not recieved.

Hello i renewed my contract 17th Jan and was promised a £100 voucher within 45 days, nothing yet , can someone help me please.

Retention voucher

Hello. I was promised a £130 voucher from the retentions department for continuing my talk talk contract. I've received no correspondence about this even though I'm past the qualifying period mentioned in the phone call. Any help would be appreciated...


when will I get my voucher for joining? 

Nazzy123 by First Timer
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Giftcloud £25 voucher City Fibre upgrade

Hello,Its been over 45 days since I had my upgraded fibre installed and just wondered who I contact about this voucher that was promised for the "inconvenience" of having the fibre upgraded. Is it City Fibre or Talk Talk?