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Need to cancel booster and get refund

We are being billed for broadband booster. £5/month. I can't find any way to cancel this on the website and no way to talk/chat/email anyone from support. We get approx 19 meg download and were promised 60 to 70 if we paid for the booster. Turns out,...

tkmax by Popular Poster
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Wrongly charged for engineer visit

So I had an issue when I lost broadband connection. After a lot of frustrating discussions with talktalk I had an openreach engineer visit. He diagnosed the problem as a faulty router and I got sent a replacement. Now I see I have been charged £65 fo...

Geeemc by First Timer
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voucher not received

This is my 4th POST I have been a customer for more than 3 months and have yet to receive my £100 amazon voucher. Someone help, this is not okay. It also seems like this is the only way to ask about this!!!

jpun44 by Popular Poster
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Contract renewal - first bill overcharge

Hi, could you please look into my account and amend the "first" charge, which is much more than I've signed up for and the discounted charge the reason why I've renewed the contract. I've accepted and paid for the renewal, before the next bill was du...

4Arnd by Chat Champion
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Incorrect billing

W had no service from early December till last week. We were promised 3 months free service in lieu you have sent us a bill for £82.70

Engineer Charges

Hi, I've been charged for an Openreach engineer visit and want to know why? The engineer said my master socket was the problem and changed it. This still hasn't resolved my problem by the way.So it wasn't anything to do with my internal wiring - I do...

Techman81 by Conversation Starter
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No internet connection for over 2 weeks

I started a thread in broadband a couple of days ago to get this fixed and after a visit from OpenReach engineer, the fault was found to be in the switch box near my flat. So not down to damaged equipment or anything that would be my fault.After this...

Mischarged for Engineer Visit

Hi Can you resolve/refund the £65 I have been charged on my November bill for a fault relating to my line please? Not happy, that after weeks of trying to sort out the issue, I now have to spend time sorting out the billing. TalkTalk Guidance: "WHY H...

Go Live Delay Compensation?

Hi i just got a email about Compensation of £252 because my go live date was delayed by like 2months, can this be funded to bank or does it stay on account?

Billing and ETC

Hi, After the issues I have faced again which left me without internet for around 2 weeks, I have decided to leave. I have already spoke to team and happy to pay ETC however I was told that my bill would be adjusted to reflect the outage I had and I ...

idevilk by Team Player
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Why can't I contact customer support?

I am getting quite angry about this now. I have been charged for an entire month after having switched to a new provider despite my contract having ended over a month ago. I would appreciate someone from customer support to actually look into this bu...

chris78 by First Timer
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Ex Customer cant get credit balance back

I left TT 3 months ago. Got an email about y credit balance, but following the links, signing in, going to the billing page (doesn't work) doesn't give me an option to get my credit balance refunded. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised but after three mon...

Disconnected but still being charged

I have just switched broadband and telephone provider after my TalkTalk contract ended in August. The switch occurred on 10 Sept. Yesterday, 17 Sept, I was billed by Talk Talk for another month in advance. This is unacceptable. I received an email at...

chris78 by First Timer
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Refund on both Broadband and mobile accounts

I switched from Talktalk to another provider in June and this left a small positive balance on my account - just £6.89. This amount remained on the account and I hadnt noticed that it hadn't been repaid until I saw a bill arrive by email in July. Thi...

Receiving bills even after switching

I switched to community fibre at the beginning of July and was meant to receive my final bill. I phoned TalkTalk about leaving as well and was told that service from TalkTalk would stop after the switch had been complete. I got billed in July and am ...


Hello,I accidentally paid my internet bill twice and requested a refund. How long does it normally take for it to be accepted? Regards,Giulia

I've been charged £9 for calls in error

Hi there. After moving onto a new deal/package which came with unlimited UK calls I seem to have been charged and billed around £9.32 for national calls. There was a problem with talk talks renewal system which mean that the unlimited calls didn't ge...

I’m trying to claim my refund

Hi, I’m SomalionaCan you please help me? I’m trying to claim my refund on my account but it won’t let me. I’m having trouble claiming my refund. I payed twice for the same bill for Talk talk broadband. Please sort this out for me.

How does an ex customer get their refund

I have left talktalk after a number of years. My account is in credit. I received a mail saying that I am in credit and the best way to get a refund is via the myaccount page, but as an ex customer all screens are blank. So does anyone know how I get...