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Compensation due to no service

Hello hope you can help . I’ve been advised to drop a note on here so hopefully you will be able to help . I have raised a discussion topic about not getting internet in hot weather . This has been a persistent problem over 2 years . We have had engi...

Rose66# by Participant
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Refund of £75 engineer fee

Sorry if this has been asked multiple times previously. I had a fault on my broadband, talktalk engineer attended. He found no issue with set up in my home, but found internet was running much lower than expected. He replaced router with a new one, b...

Technical error of the page

I went to my page and wanted to issue a refund, pressed the button, transferred me to the page, and there it gives an error, what should I do.

Billing error

I have been charged £75 for a service call out earlier in the March. When the service engineer called to fix the problem he said I would not be charged because it was a service fault. It states this also on my account but they still got the money fro...

Sydney12 by First Timer
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You have charged me 75 for a person to come out - no this was on you, it was your fault. Refund immediately

Unknown call charge on my latest bill

I have absolutely no idea what this call is or who it's to. I suspect it may be fraudulent. Please cancel the charge for it. There is no-one else living at this address who could have made it. Call details Date 08 Feb 2024 Time 11:30 Number Call type...

brewerp by First Timer
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Equipment Charge

Hi, I have an equipment charge on my bill due to a delay in returning the equipment. I contacted TalkTalk to say I was out for the country at the time and that the equipment would be returned ASAP. They said if I was charge I could get a refund, plea...

WELLA182 by Popular Poster
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Won't accept my sort code

I have changed banks recently, I have been trying to update my direct debit information with talktalk since changing however due to faulty sort code validation on talk talks side, it wont accept my sort code: 04-00-03 because the 00 in the middle, it...

Charge for engineer's vissit

Account no. **removed**. Engineer charge. repair case REP-13410467 Dear Talk Talk Thank you for your reply of December 19th to my recent email regarding a charge for a visit by an engineer. Once again it seems that someone is 'moving the goalposts' i...

How do I access my online chat ?

I have had 2 conversations with the online chat in December. How do I find a copy, as they promised me a £70 refund which surprise surprise has not arrived!!

fclubum by First Timer
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My contract went to up £33 without my knowledge or consent so I got in touch and was offered the exact same package I have now for £28. But now as well as my £28 I’ve been charged a £30 admin fee???? I was never informed of this fee, if I wanted a lo...

Super safe Boost

Hi there, hope someone can help me - attempted to start a chat with support however it states that I need to login, even when I was already logged in? Reason for requesting help is that I had no idea that a £5 a month was being charged for supersafe ...


Hi there i wonder if someone could help with a few questions relating to my last bill which i cant make heads or tales of. The unlimited call boost package increased whilst still on the old contract. The call boost was fixed for the full length of th...

Account cancellation 'rejected'

As I write this I'm in tears.I have never been treated as badly by one company in my life. I have been a customer of TalkTalk for years with no issues at all..... Until now. I moved house in November. I moved in with relatives and did not need an int...

Cancellation and refund problems

This is more info for anybody trying to leave talktalk. I have spent the best part of six hours over the past two months endeavouring to get talktalk to cancel my services, I followed all their procedures and even after being told the contact had bee...

goff212 by First Timer
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Hi All, My apologies if this is posted in the wrong area or not relevant to the community but I am really struggling with talktalk live chat service and resolving my issues. I am new and running out of ideas. I lost connection to my copper line broad...

RMcGough by Chatterbox
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HUGE rise in monthly cost.

Can someone please explain this --------My monthly price is £34.00 for fibre 65.A week or so ago i had the "free" upgrade to full fibre.Today i get an email informing me that my next bill will be for £63.94.No explanation as to why the HUGE rise in c...

Mally4 by Team Player
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Trying to cancel Netflix

I contacted talktalk to cancel my netflix i believe in august and was offered a new contract and to have Netflix removed. I agreed to this and i thought all would be well. Next bill Netflix still hadnt been removed and i was again charged for it. I r...

Billing enquiry / total loss of service

Hi If necessary my previous: Loss of connection (“provisioning issue”) Would appreciate TT responding to my outstanding queries regarding billing and total loss of service compensation as that thread has gone cold, perhaps outside the scope of TT sta...

mrb97 by Popular Poster
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Loss of service rebate

HiOn 10/09/23 I reported the inability to make or receive calls on my landline. This link refers The line was eventually reinstated on 21/09/23, 8 days excluding wee...

csqwared by Conversation Starter
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Refund due on deceased customer's account

Hi My father in law passed away recently and I advised Talk talk (via the bereavement team) shortly afterwards. A final bill has now been received and it appears that a small refund (@ £8) is due. Help topics advise that refunds can be requested via ...

yogaman by Team Player
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Live chat not working

I have noticed a 50p charge on my phone to the speaking clock. I don't have a handset! I keep trying to click on chat but it's not working. Please help.

Lea68 by First Timer
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Unlimited calls boost?

Hello all.I seem to be having a similar issue to others - I noticed my bill had gone up, unexpectedly.So, I log in, and see this:Given that I effectively never actually use the phone, and have to log in here to find out what the number is, I am perpl...

apeterb_0-1694442491337.png apeterb_1-1694442748599.png
apeterb by Chatterbox
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Cancelled but still receiving bills

I was on fibre 65 for many years and recently wanted to upgrade to fibre 900. I upgraded over the phone and then found out later that day that the service wasn't available on my line as I was already a fibre 65 customer (makes no sense at all but I s...