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Returning Equipment after end of contract

I recently ended my contract with talktalk after about 21 months. initial contract period was 18 months. Today, I received an email to return my equipment or I may be charged £50. I only have talktalk wifi hub and got it when I first signed up with t...

Pending Order - Complete

Hi, I have a Pending Order sat on my account. This order was completed before Christmas, the Router is installed, working, and solved the problem it was relating to. Unfortunately, because it's still there pending I can't make any further changes to ...

jonwills by Team Player
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No emails, No new router, No free Gifts???

Hi, I recently changed my fibre connection from faster fibre to fibre 65 because it worked out cheaper, this was during the offer I had in my account, so I accepted it all went through ok because it now shows in my account that I’m on Fibre 65. But I...

FreddyUK by Chatterbox
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Talk talk basically trying to scam me

I cancelled my services in September and received a email saying they want their equipment returning so I thought ok not a problem and posted it back. I’ve received a email today stating I owe them £100 for equipment which I have returned months ago ...

Lowther0 by Chatterbox
  • 11 replies
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Amazon echo dot offer

Hello I renewed my broadband a while ago and I have been waiting for the code so I can get the amazon echo dot offer code, I called up today and recieved the code but it dosnt seem to work does anyone have a link to the correct amazon echo dot becaus...

Vickyd1 by First Timer
  • 3 replies
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Returning broken router

Hi I have had an email about returning my old equipment or being charged for it. I'm going to put my broken WiFi router in your mail envelope today. However, the emails have not requested my old router, but instead have requested my set top box, whic...

BillM2018 by Conversation Starter
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p&p bill

I have just renewed my contract and talk talk say they are sending me a free new hub black, but i must pay the p&p. However they sent me one some time ago andinstalled it, so I don't want a new one, nor to pay for the p&p. I can't see any way to tell...

dbowden by First Timer
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Sudden Slow sync... Again.

3 days ago my Sync Speed read from the Router dropped from 52/20 to 43/16. I've tried the usual router reboots, the router is the only thing connected directly to the master socket (no extensions). A bit of history on my issues...I'm not sure why but...

EZTutty by Team Player
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Why am I being charged delivery for this?

I've recently renewed my contract, from Faster Fibre (with Speed Boost) to Fibre 65. I was told I HAD to have a new hub, to be able to get the faster connection. Although there would be no charge for the hub, I would have to pay £9.95 for delivery. H...

BlueBabe by Popular Poster
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Amazon tech pack

Hey guys, I joined a few months ago now and have heard nothing about my tech pack (which I paid extra for). Does anyone have an idea on when I should be getting the voucher? thank you

Returning equipment

I received an email regarding price increase and was given a window until 28 July 2021 to leave TalkTalk without a leaving penalty.Upon calling for cancellation, I was told I had to return talktalk equipment or face a fine.Can someone please advise o...

No reference number and e-mail about order

Hi, around 2 weeks ago I have ordered broadband and I haven’t received any e-mail that I placed an order or reference number. Date of package arrival should be today 14th but still haven’t received anything. I’m wondering did I really ordered broadba...

Fibre65 upgrade equipment.

I upgraded to fibre65 from standard broadband. I received a confirmation email. An email confirming my phone line boost going live. I've receive nothing else. No new router, no new anything, no confirmation or contact of any kind telling me when my f...

Sbww31 by First Timer
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