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Ending contract

My contract ends at the end of this month. I brought a router from talktalk about 5yrs ago as the original router was playing up. I paid about £25 for it. I'm not getting any clear answers from the live chat or the person I spoke to when I notified t...

bad bad customer and technical service

Where do I start? My internet was down for 3 days ! On Saturday it went down so I tried to get help on Sunday wasted hours trying to get in contact only to be told they were doing maintenance on their systems when I finally spoke to someone who knew ...

simon1688 by Conversation Starter
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Bad or no service

Had trouble for months with connection issues, service always disconnecting, Used Wi-Fi and also used a wired connection, still made no difference, Used our own mobile internet service provider, Switched to Virgin Media on 22/12/2023, No more issues ...

Negative bill

My bill is saying negative amount for the consecutive months. My connections works well however, I didnt get any explanation why my billing is like this. I dont want to be suprised one day that they say I have to pay a big amount just because of erro...

KSTAR by First Timer
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Returning router

Hello, My contract ended in October and I'm still waiting to receive a returns bag for the router. How do I go about getting one of these sent out to me? Many thanks.

Refund for loss of service

On Monday the 24th of July my broadband died.After contacting a VERY unhelpful person the response i got was " we will not replace any equipment".The following day i spoke to another VERY helpful person who deduced that the power supply for the route...

Mally4 by Team Player
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return bag

hi, tallktalk is charging £50 for not returning the router. the reason is i still haven't receive return bag. is the bag large and wont fit letterbox? or requires someone at home to sign? is it possible to send the return bag to different address as ...

Customer service

I upgraded to full fibre 150 and VoIP from full fibre 150 back at the end of June. Due to the upgrade not being carried out correctly by talk talk I have both packages running that I have been billed for. I have been with out a phone for nearly two w...

Tiapup by Popular Poster
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Automatic compensation - faulty router

Hi all, Does anyone know if having a faulty router is classified as being able to receive automatic compensation? The engineer that came to my house and gave me a new one says that I am, but my application was denied and I don’t know why… I was witho...

recycling router

Hello, When I cancelled my account TalkTalk said they would send a pre paid shipping bag to send back the router, otherwise I would be charger 50£. The bag has not arrived yet and I am moving. I am reading on the Q&A there is also an option to recycl...

No Service New contract issues

Hi TTalkI switched to BT because I was fed up with being charged £12.50 late payment fee when I had already pushed the date back TTalk cut my internet service and forced me to pay the £12.50. TTalk rang me an offered me a 12 month contract 9 months (...

tyro386 by Whizz Kid
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Talktalk thinks I didnt return my old equipment.

So I received email saying I missed the deadline to send back old equipment and will cost me £50. Even tho I got the Royal Mail tracking number saying its been delivered a month ago 12th of May!

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 21.02.51.png
Tajaran by First Timer
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New Fibre150 installation. Eero 6 won't pair

I had City Fibre install a new line to my house on Tuesday and Eero 6 was delivered last week. I have 4 green lights on the ONT but I can't get the Eero to pair. In Bluetooth pairing mode the app can't find a device then asks for a serial number. Whe...