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I upgraded to full fibre 150 and VoIP from full fibre 150 back at the end of June. Due to the upgrade not being carried out correctly by talk talk I have both packages running that I have been billed for. I have been with out a phone for nearly two weeks. 
I have spoken to technical support, customer services, and loyalty all have not been able to sort out their mistake. I have been promised calls from them, that have not happened. I have emailed asking for a reply, with out getting one. 
Due to appearing To have two lines I am unable to even look elsewhere. To rub salt into the wounds the WiFi I am getting in the house isn’t stable and now with the eero routers doesn’t reach a round the house. 
looking forward to suggestions of how I can rectify talk talks mistake as they don’t appear to want to sort this out.

sorry for the long post.


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Hi @Tiapup


You will need to speak to the full fibre team, they will need to place a cease on the 2nd package which will stop the double billing.  Once the 2nd package is stopped any overpayment will be refunded. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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I think that I will move this to the billing section for these aspects to be sorted out.


It may be that some correction to the bill will show later or compensation may be due.


Staff will reply during the week. 


Post afresh about the specific technical issue, @Tiapup.


Be specific about whether the phone is connected to the new service, or is that the reason that the copper service was continued etc? Just needs a bit of clarity and an indication of what happened on which dates.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.