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Cancelling my service

Hi, could I please speak to someone about cancelling my service with talktalk? I'm out of contract, so it should be fairly straightforward. Thanks, Lorraine

LHunter by Team Player
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Fibre65 renewal using PrePay

I renewed my Fibre65 contract using the PrePay offer - money taken from my account but the page did not move on to completion. No confirmation email or notification received. Please advise urgently.

Terry90 by Team Player
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Amazon EchoDot And Contract Renewal

I have renewed the existing contract which comes with an Amazon EchoDot 4th G free. During the upgrade time, the sales advisor informed us that it will take 37 days to send the voucher code or so. I have already spoken to the other advisors after pas...

RE: Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP

Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP?what is the best way to leave ?? as a isp has a better offer than i currently have as it includes a mobile phone contract to for the same price i am pay now for just any time calls and 150fibre

hosay299 by Philosopher
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Renew Contract

I received notifcation that my contract was due for renewal . When I checked my account the contract I was offered for Fibre 65 was for 24 months with my add ons of TT TV £4 reduced to £2 , and Unlimited UK Calls £16 reduced to £8 for 18 months . Thi...

mitch88 by Popular Poster
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Does this forum provide Official Technical support for talktalk?

Can I just confirm that this forum is affiliated with talktalk? I have spoken to a technical advisor today Lindokuhle Chili , that stated this has nothing to do with them, and any complaints previously made to the forum would not count as contact wit...

Ntydcmr by Conversation Starter
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Speeds for Fibre 35 in confirmation email different from agreed

Yesterday I rang to renew my contract for Broadband and TV. The old contract has no direct equivalent so I was offered Fibre 35. The charges and boosts were all fine and I was quoted average download speed of 36 - 37 mbps (I think - so much backgroun...

Trees1 by Team Player
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Displaying prices

@Arne-TalkTalk, there's rather confusing information about prices as displayed here: Currently the out of contract full price for Fast Broadband is listed as £32.00.   However, in order to keep my apparent discount of £10.05 off full price, that pric...

20220608_094511.jpg 20220608_094430.jpg

Voucher not received

Hi, I've still not received my £100 amazon voucher for signing up. Its been well over the 37 days as i signed up through talktalk not a 3rd party site. Can someone help please? Not sure where this should be posted.

ssignomi by Team Player
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Contract Renewal - £50 voucher not received.

Hi TalkTalk, Last month my contract was coming to an end and as such i had searched for a better deal, when i called TalkTalk to discuss my options i spoke with the retentions team and they offered to beat the deal i had found - this was via an adjus...

Free echo dot offer not receved

Renewed the contract over 2 months ago and have not receieved the promised email on how to claim the free offer of an amazon echo dot plug or something.

New Customer or Renewal

My contract comes to an end next month. The renewal deals are pathetic (or non existent). Should I call retentions to get a deal or ask my wife to sign up as a new customer and suffer any interruption of service?

Nrug0r by Popular Poster
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Contract re-sign not showing on bill

Hi,My contract was due to end at the beginning of March, so I resigned for the reduced price via the link in the e-mail you sent. This showed that it had been accepted and I should get confirmation within 10 working days, however I've now had a coupl...

Amazon Echo Dot

Hi - I renewed my contract on the 2nd April that included a free Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen and Amazon Smart Plug offer. The renewal went live the same day, but I am still waiting for the voucher code for the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen and Amazon Smart Plu...

abeale by First Timer
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I am really fed up with talk talkI was on a contract (which is not a contract) as they can change it with price increases)new customer can have fibre 65 for £23.00 yet they want to up mine to over £25.00I complained and someone rang me and said they ...

pavlo by First Timer
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Contract agreement

I was going to cancel my Talktalk account last year and change over to Now tv. As I'd been with Talktalk since the company started in 2003 a member of the loyalty team phoned me up to try to persuade me to stay with Talktalk. During that discussion i...

I have not received my Echo Dot

Hi TalkTalk, I was offered a free Echo Dot when renewing my contract, but after a number of months I have not recieved anything. I asked a member of the TalkTalk team on the chat function and I was offered a £100 and £70 Amazon voucher instead, but I...

Pre-Pay Fibre Option

Hello. Last year I was offered the option to pre-pay for fibre broadband for 12 months in advance (on a 12 month contract). My contract comes to an end in a few days time and I'm wondering if this option is still available, and likely to be offered a...

Is my talk talk service being cancelled

Good eveningCan I please get an OCE to check to see if my account is closing. I've had bt full fibre installed, as talktalk don't offer it where I live, I was told by talktalk that as soon as my bt service is installed, my talktalk account would be c...

Future Fibee upgrade and April bill

I was offered a free upgrade to Future Fibre which was completed on 7th April when engineers came out and did the install. I rang the Future Fibre team who told me it was free and told me that the engineer would do a survey and if I wasn't happy I co...

New Issue (this is a good one)

I emailed the yesterday (last night at around 9:30pm) to raise specific points I want addressing (regarding my bill) I got a response saying use the TechChat facility… OPENING HOURS - 7 days a week (8am - 7pm) So 8:15am I go ...

Xmrstew by Team Player
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