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24 Month Contract Renewal Pricing Discrepancy.

Last week, I received an email advising me that my 24 Month Fibre 900 Contract was coming to an end. The email presented me with an option to renew my 24 Month contract at a price of £39.95 per month and gave me a number to ring to order this:emailI ...

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Gift voucher offer after deciding to stay with TalkTalk

Hello there, I was told to start my own thread - so here it is! I recently went over to another provider for a better deal, but TalkTalk made a better offer so I decided to stay... Part of that better offer was a gift voucher, but that hasn't been me...

Final bill after home move/contract renewal

I moved house at the end of last month, and renewed my contract with TalkTalk for another 18 months. I received a letter a few weeks ago saying I'd receive a final bill - I then called TalkTalk and was told I didn't need to worry, there will be no fi...

Eloisesl by Chatterbox
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To be reconnected

I’m having trouble getting through to pay my bill as I have been switched off I can’t remember my password and my telephone number that talk talk gave me so all I want to do is pay my bill

Bruiser by First Timer
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Full Fibre incorrect billing

Hello, I've just upgraded to Full Fibre. I spoke to a TalkTalk representative on 9th April and we agreed on a contract which would be £27.00 a month (I've got the email detailing this). However, the "my packages" page shows that I am paying £29.08 in...

briduser by Participant
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told my talk talk contract ending but not requested it

had email from talktalk saying 'sorry to see you go' and saying contract was being ended but I HAVE NOT MADE ANY REQUEST TO END IT AND DO NOT WANT IT TO BE ENDED. i AM OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND CANNOT PHONE TALKTALK AND LIVE CDHAT DOES NOT SEEM TO BE WO...

pbtalk99 by Participant
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Contract not Cancelled - Account has been taken to Debt collector

To whom this may concern,I am writing to inform you of a significant circumstance and bad experience with getting into contact with TalkTalk customer services. I am disappointed with the service this company has to offer. Firstly, I would like to sta...

Morsal by First Timer
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Resolved! Strange emails about contract

Hi Arne, Yesterday I started to get some strange emails from TalkTalk. The first "Keith We've made the changes that you asked for" - I hadn't asked for anything, but in the body it mentioned the April price rises, but my contract is a fixed price one...


Over charging my bills - According to my contract the monthly charge should be £32Please refer to the e-mail sent to me on Mon, 15 Jan at 15:22

gable by First Timer
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Increase to my bill

When I renewed my contract last October, I was promised that my oayment would NOT increase for 2 years. I would like to know why you have reneged on this ?

Talk talk put late payment on credit file after I left

Good afternoon, I left talk talk in October 2022. I had been with talk talk 10 years and never once missed a payment then on leaving I was advised by phone when I asked I could cancel direct debit as I had paid the account up to date. Weeks later I r...

Lg1234 by First Timer
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Contract renewal - what happens during overlap?

Hi, my Fibre 150 contract comes to an end on 24/4. I understand that if i renew today, the new contract applies from today/tomorrow (i.e. straightaway). When speaking to advisor, I questioned what would happen to my existing contract. I've already pa...

k1ss0ff by First Timer
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voucher not received 2024

Hi, I renewed my contract in February 2024, as part of the offer to renew I was offered a voucher for supermarkets/debit card which would be sent to me via email after 45 days and then I would have to claim it. I haven't received anything via email a...

keystone by First Timer
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Receiving bills from directed to previous tenant

Hi,I rented my house when I moved abroad. A tenant was living there and was using TalkTalk as ISP.When they left, in September 2023, they told me they closed their TalkTalk account. To date, TalkTalk is still sending to my house address the invoices ...

handw by Chatterbox
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TT contract expires 19th April 2024….

Have received an email advising of offers available to extend contract for another 24 months, 'option available for you is to move onto a new, matching Fibre 35 contract for £26.00 per month for another 24 months, with this plan, you can enjoy averag...

Extension of Contract After House Move

Hi, In the last two years we've moved property twice and we were expecting our broadband contract to end in January this year, but it seems the act of moving has reset our contract even though we're on a lower speed internet with no change to the pac...

Contract end

My contract for my talk talk account ends first week in may, yet when go on customer offers / update just shows We’re sorry, there are no new offers to show you right now. I am sure thats what did last time renew contract and only form of communicati...

Simon632 by Chatterbox
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Resolved! Cancelling Contract Question

Afternoon all,My contract comes to an end 27May, I have had a conversation with the loyality team concerning leaving, but didn't get an actual answer to a question, If I cancel my contract, when would I not be charged an early termination fee?Thanks ...

Dave.S1 by Conversation Starter
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Attempted Upgrade Gone Wrong

Hi, could I please get confirmation of what is happening with my broadband account(s) - I was unable to get any clear answers from the online chat.I recently attempted to upgrade to Fibre 900 which was shown on the "my offers and upgrades" page. Howe...

davros1 by Popular Poster
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