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RE: Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP

Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP?what is the best way to leave ?? as a isp has a better offer than i currently have as it includes a mobile phone contract to for the same price i am pay now for just any time calls and 150fibre

hosay299 by Philosopher
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fibre65 renewal

i havean email offering me an option to extend my current fibre65 contract for a further 24 months. the email says that i should expect increases each April stating from 2023. when I attempt to select this option I'm told the increases start from apr...

ephil by First Timer
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Formal Complaint against Talk Talk

I renewed my contract with TT for Fibre65 and telephone boost.The CS agent read out T&C staing prices for new agreement ie for phone boost it stated £5 charge per month for the first 24 months. Then on my first bill, they charged me £7 an increase of...

Billed an engineer charge that shouldn't have

Hi. I had an engineer out to fix my fibre, The line needed resetting and apparently TalkTalk could have done it at their end. I now have a bill for a visit that wasn't my fault, the bill came with 4 days notice and can't pay the extra. Help

Charged for Engineer visit

I have just received my monthly bill, and to my surprise I have been charged an additional £65 for an engineer visit to my home. I wish to dispute this charge for the following reasons: The monthly bill states ‘you have been charged an additional fee...

geecoul by Popular Poster
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Ebill notification cannot be sent to a Talktalk email address

Please please can someone review the decision to no longer allow ebill notifications to be sent to Talktalk email addresses. I'm pretty sure that this decision hasn't been communicated to me or any other customer and the first time I've been made awa...

webbew01 by Popular Poster
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Talktalk haven't cancelled ee fibre

Hi, I've had multiple problems since signing up to talktalk fibre. The first problem was when I had an installation date of 26/4 and waited in for the engineer only for no one to show up. I then had to wait another 2 weeks until the 11/5 for another ...

Antlocke by Repeat Guest
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Phone boosts increased by £2 without any notification

Today I found my bill had increased by £2.00. This appears to be for phone boosts - now billed at a whopping £16 per month. I had not received any notification about this increase, either by letter, text or email. It appears if I want to keep using m...

GBy123 by Whizz Kid
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Billed for free unlimited UK calls boost

Hi. On my latest bill I have been charged £16 for the unlimited UK calls boost which I should be receiving for free. I previously had the boost for free which expired on May 31st, so I rang on the loyalty department the next day June 1st, and they ki...

Benrp by Conversation Starter
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Equipment return charge

I received an email informing me I had missed a returns deadline yesterday and would incur a £50 charge on my next bill. Apparently TalkTalk have been in touch to remind me of the return over the past few weeks, but this is the first email I've seen!...

TButler by Team Player
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New Customer or Renewal

My contract comes to an end next month. The renewal deals are pathetic (or non existent). Should I call retentions to get a deal or ask my wife to sign up as a new customer and suffer any interruption of service?

Nrug0r by Popular Poster
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Two different monthly renewal prices

I notice that on 19-10-2021, 'Miss Bossy' posted under the above subject. Well, I have just received the same letter dated 9th May 2022 and after contacting TT on the chat line was told that the plan offered does not appear against my contract. I tho...

ardmory by First Timer
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Return of Router

I recently received a new router after problems with my old one. A few days later, I took the old router to my local Post Office in the return bag provided. I've now received an email from TalkTalk saying they haven't received it after reminders, I h...

gibson71 by Team Player
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local calls = 24 pence a minute!?

Hi, Have talktalk suddenly changed the price of local calls? We seem to have an impending charge on our account for £26odd for a long call but to a local number. As far as I can see it could be 24pence per minute + a connection charge. Maths...£26 = ...

A charge being added to my bill

I received an email today 10/05/2022 stating I had not returned my faulty TV box and a charge of £50 pounds is going to be added to my bill. I returned the faulty box the day after I received my new one as this was a few months ago I no longer have t...

ricnat by Team Player
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Unlimited UK calls boost price increase

Today I have received a letter to inform me that "The price of your Unlimited UK calls boost is going up by £2 a month" So, I have a couple of questions: Why the need for a letter, why not just send an email?As I currently have the boost free for the...

AllyM by Philosopher
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Service nacelled but one more bill arrived

Hello, I cancelled my service due to moving house back in 5/4 effective from 24/04. I have got a letter saying outstanding balance 0 as well. Because you didn't serve the area there was no charge. But now I've got an email saying I will be charged 26...

Contract renewal never happened

My contract was due to expire on 19th March 2022. I renewed to a new contract on 18th March and also removed my calls boost. My next bill came in at £39.20 but I guessed it was due to my late contract renewal, contacted TalkTalk and they said not to ...

liamf12 by Conversation Starter
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Renewal - Not price I was quoted and signed up for

My contract with Talktalk was due to end on 26th April, rang retentions yesterday 19th and agreed to renew for the Fibre 65 at £23.95, 18 mth. Went to check my account today and it shows the contract is for £26.27 a month.This is not what I agreed to...

Debyred by Popular Poster
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Not been charged

Not been charged for broadband for 5 months and only just noticed. Iwas only charged for line rental. I can't afford this in one payment what can I do?

Almost 50% increase in my bill my account number is *removed*

My last bill was £20.00 my next bill is £29.48. This almost 50% increase is not acceptable. Unless you contact me on *removed* to discuss this I will switch my broadband supplier immedidiately. You have included Television in the new package which I ...

jaguar442 by Popular Poster
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