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24 Month Contract Renewal Pricing Discrepancy.

Last week, I received an email advising me that my 24 Month Fibre 900 Contract was coming to an end. The email presented me with an option to renew my 24 Month contract at a price of £39.95 per month and gave me a number to ring to order this:emailI ...

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Anytime Calls/Call Circle

What is the difference between Anytime Calls to which I have been accustomed under a former contract, as opposed to Call Circle being the alternative of my current contract

Phantom phone charges

Has this happened to anyone else? I recently received a bill including an 8 hour and £120 charge for a phone call from my land line to my mobile. Fairly sure that I did not spend eight hours talking to myself, but sometimes my landline won't disconne...


Talktalk have sent me an e mail stating that I can carry on with my existing Fibre 65 contract , which enda on 9th June 2024, at £35.01 per month ! Why have Talktalk been charging me approximately £46 per month ? The e mail offered a new matching Fib...

Charged for call not made from home phone

I have been charged for a call of 9 minutes in Sunday 3rd June from my home phone (which we don’t use for outgoing calls as we have mobiles) to my mobile. There are 3 of us in the house, we were all indoors at the time on Sunday pm and there would be...

JackieI by Newbie
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Compensation due to no service

Hello hope you can help . I’ve been advised to drop a note on here so hopefully you will be able to help . I have raised a discussion topic about not getting internet in hot weather . This has been a persistent problem over 2 years . We have had engi...

Rose66# by Participant
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Direct Debit Failed - Another case

As has already been reported by other users my Direct Debit failed on the 17th May in exactly the same circumstances...and again email received saying that a £12.50 charge was being applied to the next bill. I called the Call Centre and was told that...


My regular monthly broadband bill was due to be paid by direct debit on 17th May but for some reason failed. My bank say TalkTalk did not attempt to take the payment and payment was not refused or rejected by them. Today I received an email from Talk...

Moved to new ISP but TT service still active

Please can someone help me with this situation? I moved to Vodafone VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre) on 10th May 2024 from Talk Talk VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre). As I was keeping the same phone number, Vodafone were contacting TT to arrange the port so ...

DJP77 by First Timer
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Final bill production

I left talk talk 2 weeks ago.My over payment of line rental was credited within a week but I haven't had the final bill with the early termination fee on.How long after leaving should this be produced please?I assumed it would have been done by now, ...

landline charges incorrect

I have once again been charged for calls on my landline which i have not made this has gone on for about 3 months talktalk have refunded me every time but this charge is still going on again this month why am i being charged for calls i am not making...

johny52 by First Timer
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Charges on bill

Hi,My contract ends this month. There was an email notifying me I don't have to do anything if I'm happy to keep the old contract, from what I understand is £23.95* per month. I just received an email notifying me the new bill will be £37.78, it is £...

My bill today

Why has my bill gone up today to £36?Last month it was £28ive just renewed my contract with you for another 2 years at £28/ month

Full Fibre incorrect billing

Hello, I've just upgraded to Full Fibre. I spoke to a TalkTalk representative on 9th April and we agreed on a contract which would be £27.00 a month (I've got the email detailing this). However, the "my packages" page shows that I am paying £29.08 in...

briduser by Participant
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Can I have a refund please

Hello can anyone advise me how to get a refund please I’ve tried live chat but I’m kept waiting for a long time thank you kindly Kaismommy

Refund of £75 engineer fee

Sorry if this has been asked multiple times previously. I had a fault on my broadband, talktalk engineer attended. He found no issue with set up in my home, but found internet was running much lower than expected. He replaced router with a new one, b...


Over charging my bills - According to my contract the monthly charge should be £32Please refer to the e-mail sent to me on Mon, 15 Jan at 15:22

gable by First Timer
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Equipment Return

Hi, I have recently left TalkTalk for local full fibre. I have received the returns bag and now I am wondering exactly what TalkTalk wants me to specifically return to avoid the £50 fine. Over the years I have had a couple YouView boxes and various r...

rickey by Whizz Kid
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I've tried twice to removed this add-on from my account and recived confirmation emails it was removed, but when i get my bill its still charging me for this feature i dont use. Can anyone help me remove this add-on thanks!

Talk talk put late payment on credit file after I left

Good afternoon, I left talk talk in October 2022. I had been with talk talk 10 years and never once missed a payment then on leaving I was advised by phone when I asked I could cancel direct debit as I had paid the account up to date. Weeks later I r...

Lg1234 by First Timer
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Receiving bills from directed to previous tenant

Hi,I rented my house when I moved abroad. A tenant was living there and was using TalkTalk as ISP.When they left, in September 2023, they told me they closed their TalkTalk account. To date, TalkTalk is still sending to my house address the invoices ...

handw by Chatterbox
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Received letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd

On February 19th 2024 received letter from Talk Talk saying I had overdue balance of £15. Due to being away I did not manage to query this with TalkTalk until 27th March 2024. When I clarified via an online chat with 'Kim' that there was no outstandi...

Renewal waiver

Just needing to check, @Arne-TalkTalk, that it is still possible to have no £30 contract change charge if we are within the last 90 days of our contract? Not just the last 30 days? So the earliest I can renew is 6th April? As it is, I suspect my next...