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Topcashback Not Tracking

Hi, I went through TopCashBack to order Full Fibre back in January 2023, and it did not track properly. I raised a claim with TopCashBack and provided S Order Number which was provide by a member on TT team in the communities. I have attached the res...

Topcashback Response.PNG

24 Month Contract Renewal Pricing Discrepancy.

Last week, I received an email advising me that my 24 Month Fibre 900 Contract was coming to an end. The email presented me with an option to renew my 24 Month contract at a price of £39.95 per month and gave me a number to ring to order this:emailI ...

Email.png Original Contract.png Account Dashboard.png

Order Number

Hello, As I can see a number of other people have asked (but with no real solutions as far as I've seen yet), I also ordered Talk Talk Fibre 900 on the basis that I would get a £100 voucher. The date for that voucher to arrive has now passed and when...

Quidco Cashback

Hello, I took out a Fibre 150 package with TalkTalk in November 2023, purchasing it using Quidco as £50 cashback was advertised at the time. This has still not been paid out to me and is still showing as just Tracked on Quidco, please can you assist?...

Not received £100 Visa gift card after renewing over phone

I rang up on 30th January debating whether to leave talktalk but was offered a new deal with a £100 visa gift card which I accepted. I then waited 41 days with no voucher arriving… I rang back talktalk retention team who told me to email Hello@giftcl...

Mph1234 by Sightseer
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Missing gift card

Is anyone else still waiting for a gift card months later? We signed up in October and we're still waiting for an email from Giftcloud.Our offer

TalkTalk reward card.png
pagi99 by Newbie
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Quidco cashback declined after almost 2 years

Hi As with many similar threads here, I took out an FTTP connection in 2022 through a Quidco offer with £150 cashback, and it failed to track. I started a quidco cashback claim using the talktalk order number starting with an S - again as with other ...

Gift Card

Hi there,When setting up my new account, it was with a gift card that was supposed to be sent out after 90 days.I believe the account started in November 2023 but I have still received no gift card by post or email. I can see several threads with the...

wooseya by First Timer
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Topcashback account ID needed to claim

@Arne-TalkTalk Hi ArneTagging you as you've answered the same message for another user Can I have my Account ID starting with N7/N8/S0 in order to claim my TBC pleaseMany thanks

3 Months Free Discount Missing from bill

I joined talktalk fullfibre last month when one of the sales reps were at my door, I was told amoung other things that there would be no installation fee and the first 3 months of my contract would be free and that the amount to cover the bills would...

Barrie96 by First Timer
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Missing Giftcard £100

Hi there Can you Please assist with my query. I have not received any information regarding my Giftcard Regards Dale TalkTalk Voucher Signup

TalkTalk Switch.PNG
Dalekw29 by First Timer
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voucher not received 2024

Hi, I renewed my contract in February 2024, as part of the offer to renew I was offered a voucher for supermarkets/debit card which would be sent to me via email after 45 days and then I would have to claim it. I haven't received anything via email a...

keystone by First Timer
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Can't even sign up lol

I'm actually so infuriated at the fact talktalk had wasted my time that I'm willing to waste even more time writing this. I've now been offered various terms for a fibre 150 contract, coming from Sky who I can currently with. uSwitch said 26/month fo...

hartesh by First Timer
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Not receievd £80 Giftcloud voucher

I have been trying to talk to someone via live chat about this however it is not working. I keep getting a message telling me to go back or log in to use live chat, despite me being logged in already. When I renewed my contract I was informed that I ...


Wot happen to the voucher for changing my internet over 


Cant find my account id number that should apparently start with N7 N8 OR S0, i need this to chase up by top cahsback that never came through, not happy with this as it has been months

Bill increase following "free" upgrade

Hi, I've just had my first bill since we were upgraded from Fibre 65 to Fibre 150 FTTP and I've been charged extra for the new service.When agreeing for this free upgrade to take place the email stated 'Not only is your upgrade free of charge, but th...

Screenshot_20231122_192420_Gmail.jpeg Screenshot_20231122_192234_Gmail.jpeg Screenshot_20231122_192347_Gmail.jpeg
Est1882 by Popular Poster
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I've just had my first bill since my 'free upgrade' and it's gone up. That's false advertising as the letter I received, and the letter confirming the appointment BOTH said it was free and no extra charge. On top of that, I'm STILL waiting for the co...

jodonut by Participant
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Renewal voucher not received 70 days after renewing

Hi there I received an email from TalkTalk with an offer of a £70 gift voucher on 24th July. I renewed via the live chat service on 25th July. The original email stated I would receive my voucher 30 days from the date my new contract started. The rew...

Giftcloud Not Issuing Reward Voucher

Hi, Been sent here via one of TalkTalk's reps on TrustPilot. Giftcloud aren't issuing the reward voucher I was confirmed as being eligible for. I emailed TalkTalk as it had surpassed 90 days and I hadn't yet receiced the voucher. The customer service...

Patty37 by First Timer
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Missing Gift Card

I signed out to full fibre broadband and my service went live on 27/04/2023 but I have to received the £150 gift card that I was told I would receive after 90 days of the first bill. I have email giftcloud on the email address found on the TalkTalk F...

£100 voucher to stay with Talk Talk

Good afternoon, like some others I briefly started a switch to a different provider and was then directly emailed by TalkTalk to stay with a competitive monthly price and a gift card/voucher (I believe it is through Giftcloud). I have cancelled the s...

DLtthelp by Participant
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