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Refund of £75 engineer fee

Sorry if this has been asked multiple times previously. I had a fault on my broadband, talktalk engineer attended. He found no issue with set up in my home, but found internet was running much lower than expected. He replaced router with a new one, b...

Charged for missed engineer appointment

I just received my bill for this month and I appear to being charged for a missed engineer visit, which if I remember correctly did not occur, I had at least once instance of an engineer straight up not showing up despite me waiting in all day and th...

laram by Team Player
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Engineer Charge

I am disputing an engineer charge and require an email address to which I can log my complaint.

Billing error

I have been charged £75 for a service call out earlier in the March. When the service engineer called to fix the problem he said I would not be charged because it was a service fault. It states this also on my account but they still got the money fro...

Sydney12 by First Timer
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Exiting and Engineer fees

Hello. I’ve had an account which is supposed to give me a minimum of 30mbs. It does not, never has and is incapable of using the copper lines.Having gone through the complaint process early last year TalkTalk agreed that they could not provide the gu...

Bad Service with TalkTalk

I have had issues with my Broadband speeds for years and getting nowhere with complaints. Each time and engineer has visited and also Open Reach the problems seem to be resolved yet within a couple of days the speed has again dropped to well below th...
tramalan by Participant
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Charged £75 for fixing my non functioning broadband

Hi, broadband was dead for several days, Openreach engineer arrived and declared router faulty. He managed to get it to work but said it needed replacing, he arranged the replacement router which duly arrived and I successfully installed it. I sent t...

tenaille by First Timer
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Engineer charge after being told I wouldn't be.

I have been issued with a £75 engineer charge when I was explicitly told over the phone that the issue was with the exchange and I would not have to pay anything. This comes after the connection at my elderly mother's house was less than half the spe...


Hi All, My apologies if this is posted in the wrong area or not relevant to the community but I am really struggling with talktalk live chat service and resolving my issues. I am new and running out of ideas. I lost connection to my copper line broad...

RMcGough by Chatterbox
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Engineer called – problem at exchange

Recently received a bill which included a TalkTalk engineers fee. He found a fault which was not in the premises but at the exchange. Why should I be charged £75 for an issue that has not been resolved and is not my fault?

Charged for engineer visits

Hi - my latest bill arrived with the added surprise of engineer charges. It has take 5 engineer visits to solve my broadband issue. For each visit I've been present. Could you explain why a charge has been made? The fault was eventually found and fix...

Unknown charge

Hi, a month or so ago we had to have a out line fixed (out side the house) and they said there would be no charge, but they did charge us, after two hours on live chat they finally got the message that no work was done in the house (I even had to tak...

MikeC78 by Conversation Starter
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Charged in error for TalkTalk engineer missed appointment

My latest bill shows a charge of £75 for a missed TalkTalk engineer appointment which states “the engineer visited on 24/07/23 however was unable to gain access”. This is completely wrong and I want the charge refunded.This arises from an issue I had...

RePete by Chatterbox
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Engineer visit charge

I am writing to query the charge of £75 for an engineer visit on the 11/7/23. I already knew the fault was not in my home and was expecting an Openreach engineer. The engineer that did arrive confirmed that there was no fault in my home or with any p...

AllanH by Participant
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Final bill

Good evening, After being a TalkTalk customer for many years I have decided to leave due to really poor wifi issues that has been going on for some time. The issue I have is with my final bill which is £118.54. I have seen the breakdown of the bill a...

JakeP1 by Popular Poster
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Charged for engineer visit but told I wouldn’t be

Hi all. Wondering if anyone could help? I’m a bit fed up and asking for help. I’ve had an issue with my internet dropping and not being available on and off. An open reach engineer came out but after this certain apps stopped working. long story shor...

Omniash by Chatterbox
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Compensation for no show of an open reach engineer.

£75 open reach charge even though speed improved after visiting the exchange. i want to make a full formal complaint for the non attendance of the first appointment from open reach not attending my property and lieing saying they had and subsiquently...

Charged for engineer visit when fault with TalkTalk router

Hello, we have exactly the same problem as outlined here: we are being charged an extra £75 this month because of a problem that w...

Naomi04 by First Timer
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Cancelled my install when the engineers never showed up.

So I cancelled my install after I took a day off work and the engineers never showed up on April the 4th, and nobody got in touch with me to let me know what was happening. The lady I talked to on the phone eventually said it was cancelled and she wo...

Ryan_ by Chatterbox
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Unexpected charge for TalkTalk Engineer Visit

Following loss of broadband service I had a TalkTalk engineer visit on 10th March. I understood that there would be a charge if problem was with in-home wiring etc.I did not receive a written report of the engineer's findings but he told me verbally ...

Brian291 by Participant
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