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Billed an engineer charge that shouldn't have

Hi. I had an engineer out to fix my fibre, The line needed resetting and apparently TalkTalk could have done it at their end. I now have a bill for a visit that wasn't my fault, the bill came with 4 days notice and can't pay the extra. Help

Charged for Engineer visit

I have just received my monthly bill, and to my surprise I have been charged an additional £65 for an engineer visit to my home. I wish to dispute this charge for the following reasons: The monthly bill states ‘you have been charged an additional fee...

geecoul by Popular Poster
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Credit not received for engineer charge

Hi, I contacted customer services on 2nd June regarding a charge for an engineer visit that didn't take place. They agreed to refund it and I had an email to say it would show in my transaction history within 48 hours but I still haven't received it.

porting number to another company

i am wanting to port my number to another company but talktalk keep stopping the porting procedure because they say there is an address problem. I went onto my account and printed my bill and gave that to the new company who have tried twice using th...

trilock by Chat Champion
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Raising a complaint

I would like to raise an official complaint, having no luck with the call centre operative, going round in circles.Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

willro by Conversation Starter
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Absolutely outraged

Just when I thought TalkTalk customer service could not possibly get any worse, you have reached new depths. Following hours of webchat with customer service automatons following a completely unnecessary visit from a TalkTalk engineer, to which I did...


Hi, I’m writing this here as hopefully I will have look with this forum than the Live Chat service I have a £50 TalkTalk engineer charge on my latest bill that I would like to dispute. Here is the backstory: On Saturday morning 12th March, my broadba...

Engineer charges?

Hello, so a week or two ago I had Openreach engineers come in and try and fix my constantly dropping connection. Thanks to them it got fixed, but I was charged £65 in my latest bill as "Engineer Charges" and nobody informed me prior to the appointmen...

Engineer Charges

Hi, I've been charged for an Openreach engineer visit and want to know why? The engineer said my master socket was the problem and changed it. This still hasn't resolved my problem by the way.So it wasn't anything to do with my internal wiring - I do...

Techman81 by Conversation Starter
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Incorrect Engineer Fees?

I recently had a problem with my internet. I had to sit through 4 hours of live chat to get an engineer to come out. I was told on the phone by the case manager and it also states on the website, that I will only be charged if it's not a fault with t...

No internet connection for over 2 weeks

I started a thread in broadband a couple of days ago to get this fixed and after a visit from OpenReach engineer, the fault was found to be in the switch box near my flat. So not down to damaged equipment or anything that would be my fault.After this...

Why Have I Been Charged For My Engineer Visit?

I've just had notification of my latest bill and it seems I've been charged for a recent engineer visit but I have no idea why. The engineer told me he wasn't really sure what the issue was caused by but he changed the cable on the Openreach fibre mo...

Flats and engineer charges

Help needed please! I have received my monthly bill with an additional charge of £65 to fix a fault on my line on 12 July. The fault was traced to an area outside of my property, only accessible to the local council and maintenance staff. Indeed, the...

BDSBDS by Popular Poster
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Promised Credit not Received

As you can see from my account details we arranged for engineer to visit to fix my set top box as all our attempts to fix it failed. In the end the support person said he would book an engineer but also I would be credited £40. The engineer did fix t...

MaltonMan by Popular Poster
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Unfair charge

So, yesterday I booked an engineer return on the premise that a skip was meant to be removed yesterday. It wasnt, couldnt get hold of TalkTalk to cancel as out of hours, resolved to sort it first thing as appointments are between 8 and 1. The enginee...

Sathos by Popular Poster
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Engineer billing

I have been charged for an engineer to come and sort my problems with my broadband, it was then esculated to open reach, and was told its all sorted now, the problem was outside my home so I won't be charged, and now I have been billed, I would like ...

Engineer fee not refunded

HiI was told that the fee for the engineer visit would be refunded if there was no fault found inside the house but this hasn't happened. It was on the may bill and I expected a refund on the June bill. Can anyone help?

RN2021 by Team Player
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As per telephone conversation When I booked engineer I have been told if fault it not on my side I will get a refund. So don’t understand why I am being charged for it as fault came from outside and not my fault. So I am expecting to get a refund as ...

Refund Request

An appointment for a TalkTalk engineer to visit on my home 25 May was made by your network team by telephone on 20 May. It was cancelled by a text message from TalkTalk on 21 May (copy attached). A new appointment was made by telephone for 26 May but...

Resolved! Disputing engineer charge on bill

Hi, writing this here as I had far better luck with this forum than the Live Chat service last time I needed help. I have a £40 TalkTalk engineer charge on my latest bill that I would like to dispute. Here is the backstory: I have Fibre 150, a

Verdim by Chatterbox
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Charged for missed engineer that we cancelled!

Morning team, We had some issues with our internet which ended up being sorted through this forum, however in the process I also phoned up support and they booked in an engineer. I phoned up to cancel that engineer and was told by them it was cancell...

joneagle by Participant
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Billed for engineer visit

We had an issue in December when OpenReach were working outside our house and when they'd gone, our phone and internet was disrupted.Eventually, an appointment was made for an engineer to come out. I have an email from 15th Dec confirming an appointm...