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A baseless engineer's fee

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On May 13, I reported problems with the Internet and during an over-hour-long conversation with the Talk Talk assistant, I carried out all the necessary procedures to restore the Internet. Unfortunately, nothing helped so I was told that Talk Talk needed to sent an engineer. During the conversation I was assured that I would not be charged for the engineer's fees. The only reason would be if I avoided the visit and was not at home (
I recorded it).The engineer's visit was scheduled for May 20. Engineer arrived on May 20 at 6:00 p.m. I opened the door for him. I have proof of it on my camera at the front door.

Unfortunately, the engineer couldn't find the reason why I don't have internet and he left me without internet saying that he had to book a visit from an engineer from Openreach.

A visit from an engineer from Open Ridge has been scheduled for May 28.

On May 28, an engineer from Openreach arrived and immediately noticed that the problem was with the router. He said it was a very old router and needed to be replaced. In my presence (I recorded it) he called Talk Talk and reported that he had doubts about the competence of the relevant engineer and he did not know how he could not notice that it was a router issue. On the phone, he told the Talk Talk assistant (in my presence - I have it recorded) that he had doubts regarding the competence of the previous engineer. Due to the fact that he should have noticed that the problem is caused by old equipment. He also ordered a new router in my presence. The new router was delivered to me and I sent the old one back with all the components - according to the attached instructions (I have confirmation from the Royal Mail). I am demanding that my bill be amended to include only my standard package £25 without the engineer fee as this is a baseless attempt to extort money for something I shouldn't be paying for. I was repeatedly assured by Talk Talk assistants that I would not be charged for the engineer's fees if I was at home during the appointment. Yesterday I was informed that my bill is now £100 because I was charged for the engineer's visit.


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Hi Dianadeedi


I can see that the charge has been removed since your post.  


Apologies for any inconvenience caused