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Not received £100 Visa gift card after renewing over phone

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I rang up on 30th January debating whether to leave talktalk but was offered a new deal with a £100 visa gift card which I accepted.


I then waited 41 days with no voucher arriving… I rang back talktalk retention team who told me to email, I did this but they replied to me saying I need to email They then responded that I need to wait 90 days until they’ll look at it. I waited until the 90 days and emailed them again to receive this response… 


Thanks for getting in touch. 
As a price comparison site, we work hard with providers to get the best deals in the market for our customers. As such, providers put strict terms and conditions in place with us in order to offer incentives. Unfortunately, as per the terms and conditions, you are not eligible for this voucher:
Vouchers are available for new customers via this link only. Orders made over the phone, via webchat or online directly will not be eligible for a voucher.
I appreciate that this was not the outcome you were hoping for, but I hope that this helps to explain.

Kind regards,

Liz | Customer Service Team


Ridiculous so who should I be emailing if they don’t offer vouchers for over the phone renewals??


So I rang talktalk again and they said they would have to reissue another gift card, again I will be a few days away from the 41 days they told me I had to wait with no voucher again. This has been going on since end of January’s and is absolutely poor customer service, I agreed to a deal which has not been provided. I either want to received my gift card or to be able to move provider as my contract hasn’t be fufilled.




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Thank you, I will keep on checking 👍


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The team will work through the requests,  keep an eye on your spam junk mail folders for emails from Giftcloud. 


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Thank you, this is the final day and the voucher has still not been received.


Support Team
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HI Mph1234


I have escalated your account to the team responsible for vouchers.