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Direct debit failed - what to do next

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Like a lot of customers who have reported similar problems on this community forum, my direct debit for May was not charged. I got the email from TalkTalk saying my May payment 'was unsuccessful' , a £12.50 admin fee would have to be charged, and inviting me to log on to my TT account and make a payment online - this seemed so suspicious I regarded it as a scam and ignored it.

I have now received the TT email for my June payment, twice the usual monthly sum, which again seemed suspicious - I checked my TT account online, to see that May's bill payment had indeed been 'rejected'

I have checked with my bank and they say no direct debit was made in May because no payment was requested by TalkTalk. This all seems to match what other customers have reported here.


But I am confused what happens next - do I need to make a one-off payment by debit card, should this be for one month's bill, or the total outstanding amount (two months, including June) or will the June direct debit request - assuming TalkTalk apply it this time - automatically take care of both months? And will I be refunded any £12.50 'admin fee'?



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Just the current balance, The issue should be fixed by the next bill 


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thanks for the prompt reply. Should I make a payment for just the missing month, or for both that and the next/current month?


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Hi @5tok3s 


We identified a system issue earlier this month with some accounts, your account is included in this.  We recommend making a one off payment on this occasion, you will not be charged for the direct debit rejection as it is our issue. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused