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Payment error

TalkTalk, despite thier name seem to have difficulty with straight talking. Every month for years I received an email confirming the amount to be billed for that month and confirmation the payment will shortly be taken. This month however, the email ...

Direct debit failed - what to do next

Like a lot of customers who have reported similar problems on this community forum, my direct debit for May was not charged. I got the email from TalkTalk saying my May payment 'was unsuccessful' , a £12.50 admin fee would have to be charged, and inv...

5tok3s by Team Player
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Quidco Cashback

Hello, I took out a Fibre 150 package with TalkTalk in November 2023, purchasing it using Quidco as £50 cashback was advertised at the time. This has still not been paid out to me and is still showing as just Tracked on Quidco, please can you assist?...

Gross overcharging of a vulnerable person

I recently took on Power of Attorney for a vulnerable, elderly relative. I received a monthly bill for the relative, from Talktalk for £55. This amount includes a £35 per month charge for broadband. This amount has been taken from my relative since 2...

Keeps trying to charge me

So i paid my bill on the 23rd and it keeps popping up on my phone as a notifacation that they are still trying to charge me saying its unsucsessfull when i log into talk talk its paid

Charged for phone calls I never made

Hello, Yesterday I received my June bill which states that I need to pay 71.04 for phone calls I never made. I do not own a working landline phone, I have never used my landline number to make any calls and most of all I was not even in the UK for pa...

gr1986 by Visitor
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No email containing my bill

Hi, Just wondering why I never received my bill this month, you never sent me one, otherwise I would have paid it on time?

Direct Debit Failed - Another case

As has already been reported by other users my Direct Debit failed on the 17th May in exactly the same circumstances...and again email received saying that a £12.50 charge was being applied to the next bill. I called the Call Centre and was told that...

Leaving TalkTalk

I understand talktalk take there money for the coming month but my account with talktalk is being terminated on the 3/6/24 so I feel I shouldn't be billed for a full month especially as part of the bill includes landline costs which we don't even use...

CROSBYJ by Visitor
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Failed Direct Debit

Hi, Like what seems a few others I appear to have had a failed Direct debit. I suspect Talk Talk have an error and not asked for money. Weirdly it was the 10th anniversary year of the direct debit, don't think they expire.Been informed been charged £...

hutchys by Newbie
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My regular monthly broadband bill was due to be paid by direct debit on 17th May but for some reason failed. My bank says TalkTalk did not attempt to take the payment and payment was not refused or rejected by them. The direct debit is still in place...

Cerces by First Timer
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My regular monthly broadband bill was due to be paid by direct debit on 17th May but for some reason failed. My bank say TalkTalk did not attempt to take the payment and payment was not refused or rejected by them. Today I received an email from Talk...

New customer transferred from Shell Energy

As previously a customer of Shell Energy, my account has been automatically switched to Talk Talk (via Octopus Energy) It was stated that I see no changes to my bill whilst on an existing 24 month contract, expiring 1st August 2024 My first bill from...

Incorrect bill

I have just been moved to Talk Talk from Shell/Octopus and received my first bill. It is totally incorrect, charging me £41.01 instead of £27.59. The actual bill is incomprehensible, so I don’t know what I’m being charged for. I spent more than 2 hou...

Final bill after home move/contract renewal

I moved house at the end of last month, and renewed my contract with TalkTalk for another 18 months. I received a letter a few weeks ago saying I'd receive a final bill - I then called TalkTalk and was told I didn't need to worry, there will be no fi...

Eloisesl by Chatterbox
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Why am i still getting bills with £0 cost

Why am i still receiving zero amount bills??? I am no longer a customer with this awful company who have made it so difficult to communicate with, not bad eh for a communication company, well done not talk not talk. STOP sending me this crap

Ipendle by First Timer
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3 Months Free Discount Missing from bill

I joined talktalk fullfibre last month when one of the sales reps were at my door, I was told amoung other things that there would be no installation fee and the first 3 months of my contract would be free and that the amount to cover the bills would...

Barrie96 by First Timer
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Moved to new ISP but TT service still active

Please can someone help me with this situation? I moved to Vodafone VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre) on 10th May 2024 from Talk Talk VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre). As I was keeping the same phone number, Vodafone were contacting TT to arrange the port so ...

DJP77 by First Timer
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Ending Service

Hi,I rang on 7th April to cancel my sevice as I no longer need it. I was told that service would end on 7th May but it is still connected (I have now unplugged the router). You have also sent me an email telling me that you are going to take money fo...

TimkT by Conversation Starter
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Final bill production

I left talk talk 2 weeks ago.My over payment of line rental was credited within a week but I haven't had the final bill with the early termination fee on.How long after leaving should this be produced please?I assumed it would have been done by now, ...

Why request to pay bill by Card?

Why is there an invitation to pay the current month's bill, by card payment, when the account is already nicely set up, so that TalkTalk collects the amount via direct debit? Am I invited to pay for it twice? Not a big issue, but annoying. Bill

Billx by Super Duper Contributor
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Auto Compensation

Hello, i am still waiting for the auto compensation due to late start of service, my service was supposet to start on 13 October 2023 and went live on 22 March 2024, all the way through when i was checking on the progress the customer service represe...

slish by First Timer
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Incorrect billing

Hi - I have just switched from FF65 to FF150 (with considerable difficulty) with a broadband cost of £30 per month - however I have just been charged the previous rate of £35 and a few pence for April, and looking at my package details the old pre-co...

NeilP3 by First Timer
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