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Equipment return

I have ended my fibre contract and wish to return the router, however as I'm paperless billing I'm just wondering if / when a returns label / bag will be sent out to me?

Beany2 by Team Player
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Cancelling my service

Hi, could I please speak to someone about cancelling my service with talktalk? I'm out of contract, so it should be fairly straightforward. Thanks, Lorraine

LHunter by Team Player
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RE: Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP

Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP?what is the best way to leave ?? as a isp has a better offer than i currently have as it includes a mobile phone contract to for the same price i am pay now for just any time calls and 150fibre

hosay299 by Philosopher
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Remove TV from bill

I cannot find anywhere on website to remove TV from the bill.I would like to remove TalkTalk TV from my bill. I haven't used the service in a long time and it is just an additional £4 that's never been used. Thanks

Does this forum provide Official Technical support for talktalk?

Can I just confirm that this forum is affiliated with talktalk? I have spoken to a technical advisor today Lindokuhle Chili , that stated this has nothing to do with them, and any complaints previously made to the forum would not count as contact wit...

Ntydcmr by Conversation Starter
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live chat

how do i get on to live chat i live outside the uk so calling isnt an option

Renewal cancellation

I phoned to cancel my renewal on Monday 6th under the cooling off period. Can you please confirm this has been acted upon. Thanks.

asd030 by Participant
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porting number to another company

i am wanting to port my number to another company but talktalk keep stopping the porting procedure because they say there is an address problem. I went onto my account and printed my bill and gave that to the new company who have tried twice using th...

trilock by Chat Champion
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Please can you accept this message as a request to cancel my service (as part of the 30 days notice requested). Frustrated that I have been directed to an online chat, spoke through what and why I wanted to cancel and then asked to call a retentions ...

tamtb78 by Chatterbox
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Cancel my account

Hi there, I cancelled my subscription to the service back in January and I'd like now to delete the account as well.Could you please advise what I need to do? I'm particularly interested to the "Right to be forgotten".Can't find anything in the accou...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New Customer or Renewal

My contract comes to an end next month. The renewal deals are pathetic (or non existent). Should I call retentions to get a deal or ask my wife to sign up as a new customer and suffer any interruption of service?

Nrug0r by Popular Poster
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Hi Just a few questions. My parents have a phone and fibre contract that is due to end on 25/7/2022. They are both moving into residential care next week. Would I be able to cancel their service for them? If not, could they cancel using this forum/em...

harvi by Whizz Kid
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Is my talk talk service being cancelled

Good eveningCan I please get an OCE to check to see if my account is closing. I've had bt full fibre installed, as talktalk don't offer it where I live, I was told by talktalk that as soon as my bt service is installed, my talktalk account would be c...

Service nacelled but one more bill arrived

Hello, I cancelled my service due to moving house back in 5/4 effective from 24/04. I have got a letter saying outstanding balance 0 as well. Because you didn't serve the area there was no charge. But now I've got an email saying I will be charged 26...

Cancelled direct debit and closed account

I have just received an email telling me to setup my direct debit again. I cancelled my direct debit as I have cancelled my future fibre order as it wasn't processed and was just sitting in a black hole. I have also asked for my account to be closed ...

Need to cancel booster and get refund

We are being billed for broadband booster. £5/month. I can't find any way to cancel this on the website and no way to talk/chat/email anyone from support. We get approx 19 meg download and were promised 60 to 70 if we paid for the booster. Turns out,...

tkmax by Popular Poster
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Hi My Name is obscured for customer security I signed up for Talk Talk on 4 April and I wish to can my contract with talk talk today on 6 April 2022 since I cannot wait till 20 April 2022 for the engineer to come to my property for instillation Kindl...

varshini by First Timer
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Resolved! How to cancel

I ordered a new talktalk package today but I've changed my mind and want to cancel. Is there a way to do this without paying for a phone call? The live chat doesn't seem to be working and the contact number is 0345

Router Return

Hi,I left TT on the 15th of March but haven't yet received a pre paid envelope so i can return the router?

janet36 by Chatterbox
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Router return

I have now left TT and have (probably) two routers I've used in the course of the contract. I can dispose of them if necessary or am happy to send them back if TT want to arrange a return bag (or two). I've just got the final bill, so does anyone kno...

Early exit fee due to CPI inflation

Just received email about the increase of monthly charge due to CPI inflation. But refer to the article in attached image, the Fibre 65 plan is not impacted, then why my monthly charge still increases?is there any early exit fee within 30 days since ...


Leaving due to another price rise

Doi have the right to leave my contract, that is due up in July 2022, early as i have just had another email telling me that the price is going up AGAIN, due to the CPI, so it is rising another £2.09 a month. Initially i took out the service on a 2 y...

Renewal more expensive?

Hi, What options are there around a renewal offer which isn't competitive? I'm currently paying 21/month for broadband and my renewal offer is 25/month. OneStream is offering 19.95/month and Shell is 21.99/month for the same speed. I'd be happy to st...

VJS2014 by Team Player
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Remove TalkTalk TV from bill

Hi, As I'm now out of contract, I would like to remove TalkTalk TV from my bill. I haven't used the service in a long time and it is just an additional £4 that's never been used. I still have to YouView Box and I'm willing to send it back. ThanksShan...