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Trying to cancel

I used the bot thing to get to cancel and actually got a real person who said everything was cancelled and someone would then call me. No one called me but I had an email voicemail which i can't access. What is tbis.. am I cancelled??

Unexpected “New Package” email

On 17/05/2024 I received an email from TalkTalk Customer Service titled "We've made the changes you asked for. " and gives me details of "Your new Fibre 65 Data Only Package".I have not asked for a new package!It also says "If you change your mind, ...

Moved to new ISP but TT service still active

Please can someone help me with this situation? I moved to Vodafone VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre) on 10th May 2024 from Talk Talk VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre). As I was keeping the same phone number, Vodafone were contacting TT to arrange the port so ...

DJP77 by First Timer
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Final bill production

I left talk talk 2 weeks ago.My over payment of line rental was credited within a week but I haven't had the final bill with the early termination fee on.How long after leaving should this be produced please?I assumed it would have been done by now, ...

Out of Contract

This may not be the correct subject but I will just say this as an edit to my previos comment ..... I have Cancelled the UPcoming contract with the other provider and blocked the Switch completely I have received a Confirmation Email regarding the ac...

SteveMC2 by First Timer
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Switched to plusnet but still being charged by talktalk

I switched to plusnet on 17th April 2024 but talktalk still charging me monthly fee and will not close my account.I have spoken to 6 different talktalk advisors in the past week and all of them insist that there was no contact from plusnet despite re...

SChung by First Timer
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Speaking to a real person

None of the suggestions apply. We are new to Talk Talk. Once we have been connected, is it easy to talk to an actual person when needed? We have had a nightmare so far & wonder if we are doing the right thing even signing up with Talk Talk?

Talk talk put late payment on credit file after I left

Good afternoon, I left talk talk in October 2022. I had been with talk talk 10 years and never once missed a payment then on leaving I was advised by phone when I asked I could cancel direct debit as I had paid the account up to date. Weeks later I r...

Lg1234 by First Timer
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Receiving bills from directed to previous tenant

Hi,I rented my house when I moved abroad. A tenant was living there and was using TalkTalk as ISP.When they left, in September 2023, they told me they closed their TalkTalk account. To date, TalkTalk is still sending to my house address the invoices ...

handw by Chatterbox
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Leaving, despite being a customer since the Tiscali days.

Well, I've had enough of the constant wifi dropouts and what seems like an ever-decreasing broadband speed. My only concern is that I seem to be under contract until 22/3/25 despite not signing or renewing anything Any idea if I'll still be charged t...

Ste7en by Chat Champion
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Failure to cancel my account on 5th February 2024

On 05/02/2024 I switched to Virgin media as a Wi-Fi provider having previously informed talk talk and being told that money paid on my next direct debit would be refunded. I asked for an address to send any equipment to and was told this would happen...

Disputing Cancellation Fee

Recently, I made the decision to cancel my TalkTalk contract for Total Home Wi-Fi service one month earlier than originally planned. During the cancellation process, I took the proactive step of clarifying the penalty for early cancellation with a Ta...

agdbm79 by First Timer
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Resolved! Cancelling Contract Question

Afternoon all,My contract comes to an end 27May, I have had a conversation with the loyality team concerning leaving, but didn't get an actual answer to a question, If I cancel my contract, when would I not be charged an early termination fee?Thanks ...

Dave.S1 by Conversation Starter
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cancel talktalk tv

i am unable to cancel talktalk tv as there is no option even though it clearly states that i can cancel at any time. i would like it removed as i no longer watch tv.

Dan39911 by Team Player
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Refusing to Cancel Bills After My Contracts

It is very appalling and inconsiderate of TalkTalk after several calls to cancel my contract and stop the bill with bad network,faulty landline for months while they continue to charge and increase bills. This is ripping off and total shamble from Ta...

KADEOSUN by First Timer
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Cancelled Service

Hi, I cancelled my service with TalkTalk on the 6th of March with the last payment being on the 27th of March, with the "Final bill" or so I thought. Today I've received another bill for an entire month starting the 28th of March to the 27th of April...

SarF74 by Participant
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The apartment is now sold and empty so no longer need the broadband 


You have charged me 75 for a person to come out - no this was on you, it was your fault. Refund immediately

Trying to cancel account

I used live chat to request a call from the retention team as I need to cancel my services. I requested they call me between 1-6pm, but they called me at 12pm when I was working. I have tried to phone the number 03451720088 but I cannot get through t...

keimcd by First Timer
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Unable to Close Account

In November 2023, I closed my TalkTalk Landline & Internet account. This was done successfully.I had always paid my bills by direct debit and had assumed that any correspondence I received through the post referred to this account. However, at the st...

Been charged a cancellation fee but not cancelled

I recently upgraded to full fibre. I was quick to confirm with the person over the phone that I wouldn’t be charged any hidden prices and he was able to tell me that there was no hidden cost just the new monthly price plan for my full fibre package. ...

Colleen8 by First Timer
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Resolved! Is This Goodbye To Talktalk, ****No It's Hello again****.

I've been a loyal customer of Talktalk since they took over from Tiscali in 2009. My current FTTC 65 contract expires next month and I have to say I'm disappointed with Talktak's offers which are no longer, in my view good value for money.I've been o...

paullus by Whizz Kid
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Dissatisfied customer service

Feel a need to air how much I feel let down by TalkTalk & see if other customers have had the same bad experiance as myself with this company.My problem/complaint started in Dec last year & after logging about 6 complaints im still no wiser & talktal...