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Pop up blockers and My Account.

Hi Just a quick FYI , when trying to make changes in My Account (select services, callsafe, etc) , please be aware that there will always be a confirmation pop up, when you press submit, if this does not appear the change wont be made. Most browsers ...

Being Charged a £30 admin fee

Hi, I recently Upgraded my Fibre 150 (18 month) to Fibre 250 (24 month) because TalkTalk told me this: You can look forward to an estimated download speed between 273.5Mbps and 330.0Mbps with a minimum guaranteed speed of 247.4Mbps. The problem is on...

luc95 by Visitor
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Is it worth staying loyal to TalkTalk?

What do you think about TalkTalk's price increase join a fixed contract? Do you think TalkTalk should charge a transfer handling fee of £30 for current customers upgrading their broadband package whilst giving away amazon and ring items to new custom...


Hello, your pinned post above states that cancellations can be done via your live chat service, "Cancellations will need to be done via our loyalty team or Live chat (number/ link below" However, after spending 45 minutes on live chat this morning, I...

Yet another Hub returns issue

I returned my hub in the prepaid bag at least four weeks ago. I took photo's of the hub and accessories in its box/perfect and photos of the sealed bag c/w reference numbers. However Talk Talk are still sending me £50 charge and late fees. The hub wa...

Problem with phone line when terminating contract early.

I have decided to terminate my contract because of the new TalkTalk policy to drop the fixed price contracts and I now have the option to opt out penalty free.After contacting TalkTalk there is a confusing request on what happens to the TalkTalk phon...

Trying to cancel a contract for a vulnerable person!

After a frustrating 90 minutes on the phone with TalkTalk, I wrote a Trustpilot review and was asked to post here by one of your employees. I'm not sure if there is any point, but I guess it's worth a try... The details of my frustrations are below i...

Still no ring camera code

I renewed my contract on 13/04/2021 and chose to receive a Ring indoor camera on 15/04/2021 but have still not got my voucher code. I've been through all my emails, junk folder and deleted messages going back to mid April but have never been sent it....

Equipment Return

Hi, please could someone from TalkTalk confirm that as I cancelled my service outside of contract I am not obliged to return my TV box despite being sent a returns bag and follow-up emails? Many thanks. Jonathan

jdubbya by Chatterbox
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Price increase and useless chat help.

So I received an email today saying my fibre 65 fixed price 18 month contract which was signed up for in February for £24 was being increased by £2.50 from July.Spending 2 and a half hours on the chat with 2 advisors.Daniel- who offered me a 3 month ...

D-u-t by Popular Poster
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Can't Upgrade to Fibre 65

My Fibre 35 plan ends this month. I have been getting lower than the guaranteed speed a lot of the time (16 or less) and it has been a problem with family working at home. I want to upgrade to Fibre 65 which is offered on 'My Account' but when I sele...

Help with final bill process

Hi I phoned to cancel my talk talk broadband on 12th April and got confirmation email same day. Switch off date was set for 30 days and there were no early termination charges due to a price increase which I was notified about in March.sure enough se...

pdm531 by First Timer
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talking to someone at talktalk

I am no longer a talktalk customer and I was asked to return my router and was sent a bag and label to do so.I posted it on 12/04/21and kept my tracking receipt and it was delivered on 14/04/21.I then received another email asking me to return my rou...

mik_rikR by First Timer
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Renewal due but Talktalk's contracts wording worthless

2nd attempt to post this as a new topic (as suggested by admin) My "not actually fixed" contract is up shortly, while I understand Offcon did a (back hand) deal to let the companies break their side of the contracts, I didn't realize the deal let the...

Nigel A by Team Player
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Contract Breakage Charge After Price Rise

Hi there,In short - when I got the email saying I could leave without charge, I did. Now that I have the 'final' bill however, I've been charged £60 for the privilege If the good guys could consider battling the evil billing system and selflessly sav...

bobca by First Timer
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DRS Debt Collectors PLEASE HELP

Hi I am being hounded by debt collectors for £45 from talk talk. I have no idea what this is for. I cancelled my account in October last year. Talk talk have cancelled my account by error numerous times over the past year so I have a few accounts - s...

The worst provider ever

talktalk, I broke the contract with you two months ago, and you are still charging fees. It is worth mentioning that stopping to be your client was quite a complicated task. I had to go through your stupid broken system, and now you demand additional...

Bulat by First Timer
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Still being charged for TV

So my contract expired a few days ago and I was about to renew but when I'm on the final page it keeps adding talktalk TV even tho I canceled that months ago so I viewed all my monthly bills and I'm still being charged £4 a month even tho I canceled ...

Robpro by Conversation Starter
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Equipment returned as requested

Hi there, I recently left talktalk and I returned my router and TV box as required. I have the confirmation email from royal mail of the collection and the tracking shows the items were delivered but today I received an email telling me there's still...

Emily90 by Team Player
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Clarification on returning equipment

I have been with Talk Talk since summer of 2017. At that time I took out a broadband, calls and TV package for 24 months so received a TV box. My contract expired but I remained with Talk Talk out of contract for a number of months. I was using the T...

EMF91 by First Timer
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Number Porting

I am not a talktalk customer but a Phone Coop Customer. Since January I have been trying to move to Vodafone (bad idea) They have messed up at every step but the latest is they cannot port my number. They say Phone Coop provider has released the numb...

Returns package not recieved

Hi I recently received and email informing me how to return my router and that I would receive a prepaid postage package in a few days. However, that was a week ago and I haven't received anything. How long should I wait until I request another to be...

Mdarvell by First Timer
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Misinformed by Customer Service

So I reached out to customer support two days ago in regards to leaving TalkTalk. I wanted to clarify when exactly the cooling off period was from. On my first conversation with them via chat, they repeatedly got my order details wrong, before confir...