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Final bill after home move/contract renewal

I moved house at the end of last month, and renewed my contract with TalkTalk for another 18 months. I received a letter a few weeks ago saying I'd receive a final bill - I then called TalkTalk and was told I didn't need to worry, there will be no fi...

Eloisesl by Chatterbox
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Receiving bills from directed to previous tenant

Hi,I rented my house when I moved abroad. A tenant was living there and was using TalkTalk as ISP.When they left, in September 2023, they told me they closed their TalkTalk account. To date, TalkTalk is still sending to my house address the invoices ...

handw by Chatterbox
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Moving house.

Hi. Beginning of December I have moved to new home. I have contacted customer service and they advised me that I need to cancel account on my old house and open new account on new home what I have done. I was informed that my old account will be clos...

KM1231 by First Timer
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Why am I still being billed

I contacted talk talk via live chat on the 14th of October requesting a cancellation as I was moving home. I was advised to call them. Which I did on the 16th of October 23. My account was cancelled as I was moving home. Now we’re in feb 24 and I’m b...

Adamg85 by Chatterbox
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Complaint raised - services disconnected early - loss of service

Wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on what I should do with a live complaint I have unfortunately had to raise. The basics of the complaint are that I booked a home move over the phone to ‘carry over’ my services to my new property on 2...

DLtthelp by Participant
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I have cancelled my

Hi I have just received a message to say I have not paid my account for 2 months . This is because I cancelled it on the 1 st of November.

Moving home

I have tried quite a few times on different devices to move home with my account but keeps getting stuck in confirmation

Kirsty74 by First Timer
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Account cancellation 'rejected'

As I write this I'm in tears.I have never been treated as badly by one company in my life. I have been a customer of TalkTalk for years with no issues at all..... Until now. I moved house in November. I moved in with relatives and did not need an int...

Fibre65 Charge During Cease

My fibre65 contract ended 26/11/12 at my old address and started a new service plan automatically, I called to cancel ~29/11/23 and confirmed that there would be no further charges. Since moved to a new house and have taken out a new TalkTalk contrac...

WELLA182 by Popular Poster
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Ending service for mother in care

Hi, My mother was taken into care following a fall/stroke and losing capacity, Her TalkTalk broadband/phone service is out of contract but is still being charged (direct debit), TalkTalk won't talk to me as I am not the account holder. We have applie...

SKS2023 by First Timer
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Have cancelled but still receiving bills at £0

Hi, I've cancelled my TT service as I've moved home on 3rd April. I was told my service had to be cancelled on 21st April at the earliest and I was charged an early termination fee which was paid this month. Now I've received a bill at £0 and when I'...