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Receiving bills from directed to previous tenant

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I rented my house when I moved abroad. A tenant was living there and was using TalkTalk as ISP.

When they left, in September 2023, they told me they closed their TalkTalk account.


To date, TalkTalk is still sending to my house address the invoices directed to the tenant.


I am worried this could snowball into a bigger issue, since the debt appears to keep piling up.


I would like to stop receiving these invoices, please.

The tenant no longer lives at the property (they moved abroad), the council has been duly informed, but the new tenants living there keep receiving these invoices.


Could you look into this, please?

Thank you for your time.


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Just to confirm , the account is cancelled and has been since Dec 2023 but there is an outstanding balance that is owed. 


Once we sell on the debt its the debt collection company that will chase the debt.   


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Thanks for the advice.

I understand that it is the tenant's responsibility to cancel the contract. I did get in touch with them, and they seemed convinced that they did cancel the contract.


As you mentioned, staff can't cancel the contract and neither can I. But TalkTalk can stop sending mails and can inform the debt collector that the tenants they are looking for no longer live at the address.


It is for this reason that I am kindly asking Talk Talk to stop delivering their mail addressed to the previous tenants to the address these people no longer reside at, because doing so can become a nuisance to the new tenants, who have nothing to do with the matter.


I brought up the council because the previous answer implied that debt collectors may still send mail to the address, and that's precisely what I would like to avoid.

So I said that if the debt collectors are in doubt on whether their debtors still reside at the address, they can check with the council.


Could you please confirm that:

-TalkTalk will stop sending their invoices to the address.

-Debt collectors will not start writing mail to the address, or worse, show up at the address?


As I said, the current tenants have the right to quietly enjoy the premises, and I would very much like to uphold that, please


All the best.




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@handw, you need to reach out to the old tenant who is the sole person responsible for this.


Staff cannot cancel the contract on anybody else's behalf. It is the responsibility of the account holder.


It seems that you may need to get this awareness of responsibilities enshrined in your tenants' agreements from now on.


The local council is not involved in the arrangements for a service with Talktalk. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Arne,

Thank you for your answer. I would kindly ask Talktalk to inform the debt collectors that as I mentioned the account holder they are seeking payment from no longer lives at the premises.


They can check with the council, if in doubt.


Could you confirm that the debt collector won't start sending letters or worse -show up- at the address where now new tenants reside please?


I would much like for their quiet enjoyment of the premises not to be disturbed, please.


Would you be able to confirm that TalkTalk is going to liaise with the debt collectors to prevent undue intrusions, please?


Thank you very much for your assistance.

All the best.






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We are sending the invoices via Email, Any letters will be coming from the debt collection agency. 


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Thank you very much for checking.

Since the tenant no longer lives at the premises (they moved abroad), and that I know of the service is not being used by the new occupants, would it be possible to stop sending the invoices to the address where the person in question no longer lives, please?

I have informed the council as soon as they moved out, so I would be grateful if Talk Talk could stop sending these invoices, otherwise one day the new tenants may even start receiving mail from debt collectors.

I would rather not interrupt the quiet enjoyment of the premises.

Thank you very much for your help.


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Thank you very much for your answer.

I have added the information to the private notes of my profile.


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Hi @handw


Thank you for the information, I cant discuss too much with you as you are not the named account holder and data protection would be breached, but I can say the account was not cancelled by the tenant when they left, generating bills for service still provided. 


The account will eventually be handed to a debt collection agency.  


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Thank you very much for your answer.

I have added the information to the private notes of my profile.


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Can you add the name of the tenant and the full address of the property to the private notes in your community profile.