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Account number: xxxxxxxxxxx

Hello, Good day, last few day, I spoke with your customer service at the end of the conversation, I was promise that you will send me a voucher of £40 . I am still yet to receive the voucher as promise, I am writing this email to follow up. Please I ...

Misleading sales talk

A couple of years ago my contract with TT came up for renewal and the option to upgrade to Fibre 65 was offered, which I gladly took.Some time later I checked my download speed a few times to find I was only getting figures around 27 mbps.I rang TT a...

tondi66 by First Timer
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Charged for a new router

This month my TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub stopped working properly. After a lengthy series of support chats, with application of remote diagnostics, troubleshooting checks and attempted firmware upgrade, a support technician finally agreed the router was defe...

Lawright by First Timer
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Triple Charged.

Hey there! Long story short I was having to use my mobile data to pay my outstanding bill due to me being a dummy and forgetting to pay. After many unsuccessful attempts due to bad signal, I finally managed to get my payment through. But upon closer ...

Reec3 by First Timer
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My account

Can I speak with a person rather than a robot to discuss my payment plan as costs have risen and I was not made aware of the increase.

limit my price inceases or i'm off

Account number: ** removed ** If you ever charge me 1 penny more than £20 per month, I will leave without any penalty after my contract ends on April 11th The ball is in your court so maybe phone me and offer a better deal than say the YOUFIBRE - 150...

£50 voucher.

I switched to a new contract last month and was told that I would receive a £50 voucher. Please can you advise as to how I can apply for this. Thanks, Steve Chadwick


Told monthly charge for my tv hub would be £28.50,on 09/02, by Phumelele, I have screenshot the message in case a problem arose, I was charged £37.32 on 09/02, can you tell me why I was overcharged please.

mosie1 by First Timer
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Cost Increase/ Bad Signal

Hi,I've just received an email about the incoming costs increase. Although I appreciate that costs have gone up for you, I think there also needs to be some understanding that costs have gone up for me too.Our signal has never been great upstairs, wh...

Cancel upgrade

HiI was looking at upgrades for my mum. I clicked on "upgrade now" because I wanted to see the prices. I didn't think it would just upgrade. Unfortunately, this has now been processed as an upgrade. As her contract doesn't end until July, there is a ...

Kayte1 by First Timer
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Direct Debit

I have closed my Bank Account with Barclays and is in the process of setting up a new bank account. As soon as I set up my new account hopefully with in the next week I will advise you the details to enable you to re-set my direct debit. regret any i...

CMP No: 603318 TalkTalk's Refusal to address a complaint

Is there anyone on board with TalkTalk that has any integrity left at all. I've received three text messages to my mobile phone from TalkTalk. The first message was sent on Friday, 01 February stating I would received a phone call to address my compl...

Loret1 by First Timer
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Returning box

Hi I received my new talk talk box I have been in and out of hospital I’ve put everything in the bag but there’s no free return label could you please send me another one OR email me a QR so I can get this sent back please

Billing problem

Having been assured by TalkTalk that my account was clear and that no further correspondence would be sent I have had two e mails asking for late payment fines. I cannot get any reply from my e mails questioning this matter. What do I do now?

Cosette by First Timer
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I can't pay my bill till the 23 of January ,because it was Christmas and am struggling with bills and that, but I will be ok 23rd of January.

Account Login Not working

Login page MyAccount not working for me 21 Dec 10am. Can get in via other routes but the main page is failing after entering login details.

Harpics1 by Chatterbox
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Moving home

Hi there can anyone help me I’m moving house and wondering if I can take my router and broadband to my new address or will I need to cancel and start a new account?

Trying to return my router

I am no longer a TT customer. I inquired back in march about returning my router and was told I would be sent a returns bag. I did not receive one and now am being chased for it's return but I can find nowhere to get in touch other than here. Also, d...

Spyder1 by Chatterbox
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TalkTalk cannot send me a bill via email

I have received a letter from TalkTalk saying they cannot send me bills, as the emails are not getting through. The registered email they have for billing (which I have checked) I use every day and all other senders get through. The fault must be wit...