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Misleading sales talk

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A couple of years ago my contract with TT came up for renewal and the option to upgrade to Fibre 65 was offered, which I gladly took.

Some time later I checked my download speed a few times to find I was only getting figures around 27 mbps.

I rang TT and eventually spoke to someone who looked into it and came back to say my guaranteed speed was only 24 so I was doing well! I pointed out I was on Fibre 65 and paying for it so surely my guaranteed speed was more. He then said that the initial contract I had agreed with TT stated a guaranteed minimum speed of 24.

What a con! I think that is a disgraceful misleading tactic, selling me a promise of around 65 but sneaking in a low 24 instead. Now my contract has expired I am looking for a more honest internet provider.

Has anyone else been conned the same way?

It is a deliberately misleading trick by TT worth watching out for.


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@tondi66 ,

The "65" is just part of the package name. In practical terms it doesn't actually mean much. The maximum speed achievable on Fibre65 is 80Mbps but, as Arne says, the actual speed you will get on a FTTC connection depends on the quality and (most importantly) length of the copper part of the line from your house to the PCP cabinet. As the advisor on the phone said, you should have been informed of your personal guaranteed minimum speed at the time of taking out your contract.


If you are out of contract you are free to move to another provider if you wish but, as Arne says, any provider who uses the Openreach FTTC network will be delivering the service over the same wires and you will get the same speed. If you are looking for faster speeds you will have to check if Virgin (who use their own network) or any full fibre service is available in your area.



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Hi tondi66


I'm sorry that you are unhappy with us.

The speed is determined by the physical line quality and distance from the exchange so any provider that uses the same line may only get the same speeds. 


Apologies again.