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Gift voucher offer after deciding to stay with TalkTalk

Hello there, I was told to start my own thread - so here it is! I recently went over to another provider for a better deal, but TalkTalk made a better offer so I decided to stay... Part of that better offer was a gift voucher, but that hasn't been me...

Auto Compensation

Hi, I have been advised to open a topic about auto compensation for my landline fault. I was without my home landline from 01/04/24 until 17/04/24. A new cable was replaced outside my house. Kind regards theoldvic.

Compensation due to no service

Hello hope you can help . I’ve been advised to drop a note on here so hopefully you will be able to help . I have raised a discussion topic about not getting internet in hot weather . This has been a persistent problem over 2 years . We have had engi...

Rose66# by Repeat Guest
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Auto Comp

Hi.Back in the beginning of April my internet went down for 2 weeks. When the issue was resolved I asked about compensation, seeing I had no internet for 2 weeks. Like many other customers I was fobbed off with the Auto Comp garbage. Its now gone pas...

Auto Compensation

Hi.My internet was down for two weeks and i was in contact with talktalk (TT) chat for the whole time, so they knew I had issues with my internet. When the issue was rectified I asked about getting compensated. I was told that Compensation is done au...

Auto Compensation

Hello, i am still waiting for the auto compensation due to late start of service, my service was supposet to start on 13 October 2023 and went live on 22 March 2024, all the way through when i was checking on the progress the customer service represe...

slish by First Timer
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Billing date adjustment

Hi, my activation date was 27th of march on theory but it took ages to solve the connection problem and this morning an engineer fixed the issue. So, I got my internet more than 3 weeks after the promised date. I am asking for a compensation and an a...

Matac by Chatterbox
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Auto compensation delay

Hello, I'm still waiting for a installation delay compensation from TalkTalk. Matthew from the complaints team has confirmed to me on 6-Mar-2024 via Chat the following: "I have check and can confirm you are due prov delay auto comp from 21/12/23 - 06...

Direct Debit Payment - taken early by Talk Talk!!

Good Morning I have just had a notification from my bank advising I am overdrawn as Talk Talk have attempted to take my Direct Debit today despite the payment date on my Account being the 30th of each month. I have tried to find an email to contact s...

DebbieM7 by Popular Poster
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Having to pay when the service doesn't provide what it guarantees

I have constantly complained about outage and 1mb download speeds, they do nothing and just tell me it my end, when nothing has changed at our end since the day we set up with them over 15 yrs ago. It is there end but they never admit this but yet yo...

Squigs by First Timer
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Hi,I was without service for a period of time and had a missed engineer appointment. Having looking into it I thought I’d have fallen into the automatic compensation category, apparently chat is unable to help as if texting and every issue I...

Joshcole by Popular Poster
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Hi I was told to leave a thing here about compensation. I had some delays getting my Wi-Fi up and running between you guys and Openreach but all sorted now. I was advised a few weeks ago that they would sort some kind of compensation out for the trou...


Account Credit

I was supposed to receive an account credit as compensation for the time without service at the start of my contract, but I am yet to receive it. It has been more than the 30 days I was told it could take. How long should this take to come in? I have...

StevH by First Timer
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No Compensation

Was totally without service from 26 November to 14 December last year and was promised compensation for the loss of service as well as a £35 good will payment.To date - nothing received.Any idea when this will be credited.


My contract went to up £33 without my knowledge or consent so I got in touch and was offered the exact same package I have now for £28. But now as well as my £28 I’ve been charged a £30 admin fee???? I was never informed of this fee, if I wanted a lo...

Automatic compensation not received

We had no internet from 11/10/23 to 25/10/23 inclusive due to TalkTalk thinking we had upgraded to full fibre when we hadn't, then cutting off our copper line. Multiple advisors told me over the phone that we would get automatic compensation within 3...

pickle456 by Popular Poster
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Not received autocompensation for loss of service

I had a total loss of service starting on Friday 6th October, and the issue was resolved on Sunday 15th October. I was informed the length of time with no service meant that I would be entitled to some compensation. I was made aware that there would ...


Hi All, My apologies if this is posted in the wrong area or not relevant to the community but I am really struggling with talktalk live chat service and resolving my issues. I am new and running out of ideas. I lost connection to my copper line broad...

RMcGough by Chatterbox
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Auto Compensation amount query

Hi,I received a text on Saturday 18th November advising of a credit of £130.62 added to my account for the delay in fixing a repair issue, no broadband service. This amount equates to 14days loss of service when in fact it was a much longer period 20...

Hugh88 by Conversation Starter
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I've just had my first bill since my 'free upgrade' and it's gone up. That's false advertising as the letter I received, and the letter confirming the appointment BOTH said it was free and no extra charge. On top of that, I'm STILL waiting for the co...

jodonut by Participant
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HUGE rise in monthly cost.

Can someone please explain this --------My monthly price is £34.00 for fibre 65.A week or so ago i had the "free" upgrade to full fibre.Today i get an email informing me that my next bill will be for £63.94.No explanation as to why the HUGE rise in c...

Mally4 by Team Player
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