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Cancelling my service

Hi, could I please speak to someone about cancelling my service with talktalk? I'm out of contract, so it should be fairly straightforward. Thanks, Lorraine

LHunter by Team Player
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Order Pending

Morning,  As the picture below, my order is still showing as pending even though it has been active for more than a month now. Not a major issue since the connection is live and working but since I like my affairs tidy I would love to get it sorted. ...

Account still not showing new bill .....

Got a new contract deal for fibre 65 £24.95pm 18month on 2nd June live date was 27th june all installed etc but account still shows old bill/contract. When i went on chat help they said will update on live date but it is still not updated. I want to ...

juliemg by Team Player
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Returning routers

Hi, I have two routers that need to be returned. I've read that TT send bags out, but it's been over a month since my service ended. Any ideas? Thanks.

Djade by Participant
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RE: Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP

Thinking of leaving as got a better off from another ISP?what is the best way to leave ?? as a isp has a better offer than i currently have as it includes a mobile phone contract to for the same price i am pay now for just any time calls and 150fibre

hosay299 by Philosopher
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Remove TV from bill

I cannot find anywhere on website to remove TV from the bill.I would like to remove TalkTalk TV from my bill. I haven't used the service in a long time and it is just an additional £4 that's never been used. Thanks

Can’t login to my account

Hi I’m trying to login to my account but constantly get a message saying: there are technical issues please try later. I’ve tried using different devices, both my email addresses and using the link to access my account, and all I get is the same mess...

Simonch by Team Player
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Can't login to my account

Hi It keeps trying to login then goes to error message.I changed my password but no luck.But as you see i can login here ok.Ps it is the same on my smart phone.

muzzer55 by Team Player
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Credit not applied to latest bill

Recently had a long lasting issue with my landline which meant various engineer visits and a months or so with no line and slow broadbandDuring this time I received two notifications, via text and email, that two credits of £25 each would be placed a...

CPF123 by Participant
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Offers and Upgrades

I have no orders in progress but when I look at my offers and upgrades a message says that an order is in progress and offers and upgrades can't be displayed until the order is complete. When I use the order tracker this confirms that I have no order...

LeonW by Team Player
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Hi, ALL.I am very upset with talktalk .THE SUPERVISOR SAID SEND A EMAIL IN , ASKING FOR THE CORRECT EMAIL THAT YOU SENT TO ME ON THE 30 MAY. And SEND me A WORKING LINK TALKTALK TO NETFLIX emailSo this the email, but I would think nothing will get don...

Automatic Compensation following loss of service not received

On the 25th March I reported to TalkTalk that my telephone line had gone down two days later my broadband also went off, following an investigation by Openreach it was revealed that a dig was needed to repair the fault. The fault was finally repaired...

ajmay by Chatterbox
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Does this forum provide Official Technical support for talktalk?

Can I just confirm that this forum is affiliated with talktalk? I have spoken to a technical advisor today Lindokuhle Chili , that stated this has nothing to do with them, and any complaints previously made to the forum would not count as contact wit...

Ntydcmr by Conversation Starter
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Second letter re paper billing

Today I received a second letter stating that there is a problem with my email address and I will be switched to paper billing at a monthly charge of £2.75. When I received the first letter in May, I spent 17 mins on chat discussing the problem and w...

An01d by Visitor
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Resolved! Future Fibre 900 upgrade but no billing

Hi,I was upgraded to Future Fibre 900 on 27th May, with my usual billing date being the 6th of the month. Nothing has been taken from my account so I am wondering if the billing date has been changed. I called support and was told to check the MyAcco...

Thedude by Team Player
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porting number to another company

i am wanting to port my number to another company but talktalk keep stopping the porting procedure because they say there is an address problem. I went onto my account and printed my bill and gave that to the new company who have tried twice using th...

trilock by Chat Champion
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Free echo dot offer not receved

Renewed the contract over 2 months ago and have not receieved the promised email on how to claim the free offer of an amazon echo dot plug or something.

Amazon Echo Dot Offer

Hello I Upgraded to Fibre 65 a few months back with the promise of an Echo Dot and smart plug I am yet to receive any code to claim this Please advise what I need to do Kind regards

Amazon Echo Dot offer and customer service issues

OK, so, deep breath. This is a lot.I'm having the same issue as a lot of other customers regarding the Echo Dot and Smart Plug codes which have not been sent out - until finding this forum I thought I was the only one. I renewed my contract on 22 Mar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Live Chat

Hi, On the website, there are loads of mentions of Live Chat to talk to an advisor at TalkTalk, but no links or ways to actually do it Any suggestions please ?

Unable to set up a “My Account”

I am writing on behalf of my mother. We are experiencing issues with a work VPN and after 2 or 3 weeks of trying to get this sorted without any luck, it has been suggested that we need to change the Home Safe setting on “My Account”. Unfortunately my...