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Payment error

TalkTalk, despite thier name seem to have difficulty with straight talking. Every month for years I received an email confirming the amount to be billed for that month and confirmation the payment will shortly be taken. This month however, the email ...

Resolved! Migrated From Shell - Cannot Register

Hello, I have migrated in from Shell but cannot register for My Account. If I try to register I get the message:"There was a technical errorWe’re very sorry and working hard to resolved this. Please try again later." The email I am trying to use to r...

John_G by Problem Solver
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We were recently migrated from Shell Broadband to TalkTalk. As previous TalkTalk customers we had a My Account. The automatic registration for a My Account linked to the email address we used for Shell means that it is absolutely impossible for me to...

Missing TopCashBack

TopCashBack are asking for an Account ID that starts with "N7", "N8" or "S0", followed by 7 digits, my account number starts with 101 and they will not accept it. How can I find this ID ?

POP Telecom vs TalkTalk

Is POP Telecom, linked to TalkTalk ?I understand that, shows TalkTalk as the provider when run on a POP Telecom connected device !

Weevie by Insightful One
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Quidco cashback declined after almost 2 years

Hi As with many similar threads here, I took out an FTTP connection in 2022 through a Quidco offer with £150 cashback, and it failed to track. I started a quidco cashback claim using the talktalk order number starting with an S - again as with other ...


I have been trying for the last 2 days to get in touch with TalkTalk via live chat to query something on my bill. I have opened live chat and asked a question but no-one replies. This is annoying when everything seems to have to be done via live chat...

Changing payment method.

Hi there. I'm seriously thinking abuut changing my payment method to a recurring card payment, but haven't made up my mind yet. I've followed the steps regarding changing my monthly payment method from direct debit to a recurring card payment, and ha...

Stevie67 by First Timer
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i am unable to login to my account

i am unable to login to my account i get a blank page with a cookie symboli have tried many things including restarting my pc. i can open the account on my iphone

mikem6 by First Timer
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I am raising a complaint about the way the are dismally failing to both sort out my complaint and deliver items that should have arrived 2 weeks ago. They send you around in circles and then fail to ring back when they should. They then blamed me for...

Dumps46 by First Timer
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Moved to new ISP but TT service still active

Please can someone help me with this situation? I moved to Vodafone VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre) on 10th May 2024 from Talk Talk VOIP Full Fibre (City Fibre). As I was keeping the same phone number, Vodafone were contacting TT to arrange the port so ...

DJP77 by First Timer
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Disconnected service when not cancelled

On 14 April 2024 after weeks of trying I finally got a new broadband service installed with agreement that the landline number would be ported in. This happened a few days later and I was pleased with my new service. Today I received an email on 16:0...

MAC19 by Popular Poster
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Out of Contract

This may not be the correct subject but I will just say this as an edit to my previos comment ..... I have Cancelled the UPcoming contract with the other provider and blocked the Switch completely I have received a Confirmation Email regarding the ac...

SteveMC2 by First Timer
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Auto Compensation

Hello, i am still waiting for the auto compensation due to late start of service, my service was supposet to start on 13 October 2023 and went live on 22 March 2024, all the way through when i was checking on the progress the customer service represe...

slish by First Timer
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told my talk talk contract ending but not requested it

had email from talktalk saying 'sorry to see you go' and saying contract was being ended but I HAVE NOT MADE ANY REQUEST TO END IT AND DO NOT WANT IT TO BE ENDED. i AM OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND CANNOT PHONE TALKTALK AND LIVE CDHAT DOES NOT SEEM TO BE WO...

pbtalk99 by Participant
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Talk talk put late payment on credit file after I left

Good afternoon, I left talk talk in October 2022. I had been with talk talk 10 years and never once missed a payment then on leaving I was advised by phone when I asked I could cancel direct debit as I had paid the account up to date. Weeks later I r...

Lg1234 by First Timer
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TT contract expires 19th April 2024….

Have received an email advising of offers available to extend contract for another 24 months, 'option available for you is to move onto a new, matching Fibre 35 contract for £26.00 per month for another 24 months, with this plan, you can enjoy averag...

Bin blocking

I have a credit card set up to make payments for my service but in the last six months this has stopped working. The bank tells me that the problem is with Talk Talk but Talk Talk tell me it is due to the bank Bin Blocking. Has anybody had a similar ...

CMJTW by Conversation Starter
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payment extension

just looks weitd but recently paid both extension and bill that was due but just seen this Your payment extension£0.00You created a payment extension on 28 February 2024 which is due on 25 March 2024

Simon632 by Chatterbox
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Contract end

My contract for my talk talk account ends first week in may, yet when go on customer offers / update just shows We’re sorry, there are no new offers to show you right now. I am sure thats what did last time renew contract and only form of communicati...

Simon632 by Chatterbox
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Billing due date

Just really 2 quick questions about billing date, how long after bill date will talk talk suspend internet and do I get an email reminder if isn't paid my due date

Simon632 by Chatterbox
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