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Engineer Callout Charge Absolutely Incorrect.

Whizz Kid
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I’ve just received a bill from TalkTalk for £115.91 for the engineer who called, despite the fact that he found the fault outside my property… 

Surely this is an error as I have always been told (and agreed with yourselves) that I would only be charged if there was a fault “inside” my property - and this was most definitely outside?


The last thing the engineer said to me is that there would NOT be a charge as the BT cable connection to the house was perished. This was outside the house and nothing to do with anything inside the property or any of my devices attached.


He was a really nice guy and I specifically asked him about the potential charge and he assured me there would NOT be a charge because the fault was outside my property - it was nothing to do with inside the property whatsoever!


I've been with TalkTalk for probably 20 years and never had an issue like this? How could this have happened when it was as clear as day?




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Thanks Arne 👍


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HI @CaptainNemo


I can confirm that the charge was removed and the amount of the direct debit actually taken was £40.91


You will see the credit raised on your next bill. 



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Check that that is the amount showing as paid in your bank account too, @CaptainNemo.


The published bill cannot be altered after issue, but if far enough ahead of your Direct Debit then it wouldn't have been taken.


If the Direct Debit for that month was already in progress to be taken this was possibly too close to the 28th to be changed.


Any over payment will be credited back in the next bill.


We used to be able to see credited amounts in My Account Transaction History. See if you can find that (I couldn't when I looked for it for myself!).


If staff don't pick this up today, it will be after the weekend  

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Whizz Kid
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Just wanted to check that you said the engineer callout charge had been cancelled on June 24th but this bill was taken on June 28th which included the £75 charge?

That's nice.

Bill paid?Bill paid?


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Thank you.


Support Team
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HI @CaptainNemo


The charge has been removed after a review of the engineer report.