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TalkTalk router was malfunctioning

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TalkTalk router was malfunctioning.
I was told in online chat that an engineer visit would cost £75 unless the fault was with their equipment (after 30 minutes going through all other connections whilst still on chat).
Engineer arrived, checked router, replaced it, confirmed there would be no charge.
Next bill included charge of £75.
Online chat (they take forever), confirmed the error would be rectified on next bill.
Needless to say, this was a lie.
CEO's office do not even acknowledge emails. 
Congrats TalkTalk, I'm another customer you'll be losing.
Date shown is approximate start date for this fiasco.

Date of experience: 15 March 2024


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Its been applied Today, if you check the transaction history you will see the updated amount (be aware the displayed bill does not change) 


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You say that a credit has been applied to my account?

28th March bill - £127.12

27th April  Bill - £54.67 – no credit applied

28th May Bill - £54.67 – no credit applied

Extract from chat 19th April:

Camila|11:55 AM

Thank you for staying connected David, and I have confirm that the engineer charge are invalid to which I will now escalte this case to our manager to have the charge be wave off.

Camila|11:58 AM

Thank you for staying connected. I have now completed the information on your files. Within the next 24-72 hours, our manager will be able to waive the £75 engineer charge to your account. You will receive a notification via text message and will also be able to see that the waiver has been processed on your account.


This chat was 19th APRIL! 72 hours takes us to 22nd April. It's now over five weeks later and my bills are showing no credit for the incorrect charge. So when is this supposed credit going to be applied to my account?

Your T&C state that no charge would be payable, not that you'd charge me (with no delay whatsoever) and then have me trying in vain to obtain a refund.

Do you understand why I feel I'm being consistently lied to?


Support Team
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Hi @Bluemoon230989


Sorry for the delay , it took a while for the engineer report to show.  


I can see that a credit has been applied to your account, this will clear your current bill and you will be able to request a refund for the rest. 




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Hi Bluemoon230989


Sorry that you are unhappy.


Leave this with me, ill check the engineer report. 


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I have asked one of TalkTalk's support to pick your thread up and investigate it for you.

They aim to respond within 48 hours (Monday - Friday) excluding Bank Holidays, but if more urgent you can always try the Service Centre on 0345 172 0088. The posts are responded to in time/date order, oldest first.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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