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Out of contract and moving home

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I'm out of contract next month and I should be moving home in the next couple of weeks . I'm currently on fibre 500 for £35pm . I received an email from Talk Talk last week saying I had a few options and if I wanted another contract with the same speed it would be £39 pm. I have looked online and new customers can get 500mb for £35. So can I cancel my contact and re order when I've moved? . I'd prefer to stay because I've not encountered too my many problem but I'm not prepared to pay £65 to move, not when I can claim cash back on more favourable deals . And I'm not willing to pay £39 either . Any advice on this would be appreciated 


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Hi Paulefc


Yes the email is based on your current line, (ie, doesn't know you are moving home) call us and ask to speak to the homemove team, you will need to take a new contract but the new offers may be available depending on the capacity of the new property. 




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@Paulefc, if the £39.00 offer was simply from your normal renewal email, it has nothing to do with what you might pay in your new home. 


Use the forum search engine for instructions on contacting the Home Move team and if you can't order a Home Move online, use Chat or phone support. 


Your new home may not have the same product available from Talktalk, so it's crucial that you follow the Home Move procedure.


Yes, you'll have to pay the moving charge unless you commit to a new contract. 


Not sure that you could claim deals as if a new customer if you simply left and set up afresh in the new home.


Will move this to the billing section for you. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.