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New Account "Stuck"

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Hi, I just came to talktalk from Sky.  My broadband go live date was last Friday, 19th, and I do have broadband, however my online account appears to be stuck, half activated (according to online chat agents yesterday)


  • I have not received my Netflix activation email (they said they had sent it again yesterday)
  • My online account says the order is pending.
  • I cannot amend any telephone options such as activate caller display, or call safe.

I spent almost two hours in an online chat yesterday where I was passed between sixteen different support agents none of whole seemed to know what to do other than the fact they couldn't do much as the account was stuck.

Please can someone help out advise who I should contact to get this setup properly.






Aquila non captat muscas

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Hi seajays


The account looks fine from this side, as the previous stuck orders have completed. 


Tv is showing on the account as active from the 19th.


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Still no change - how long should I expect to wait for them to update?  (Or are they "stuck" again?)
update: actually I've been able to set caller display and callsafe now (although it still says "inactive addon", but I don't seem to see the TV being billed?)

Aquila non captat muscas

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Your account will update soon, the orders that where stuck are still updating 

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So I received my Netflix email, and that has worked however there are still several things incorrect:


  • It still says my telephone settings and broadband boost are "inactive add-ons" - so I am still unable to setup caller display or callsafe.
  • It does not seem to see that I already should have "TV" on my account - I've got the 4k box and am using it, but it doesn't show in my account, or in the billing.



Aquila non captat muscas

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Hi seajays


Sorry  that you are having problems.  


I can see the stuck order and have requested that is is fixed ASAP.  This will then allow the Netflix activation code to be issued and unblock the account. 


I will post back when I get an update.