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New Fibre 65 contract not available in My Account

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I have been a TalkTalk customer since July 2007. My current contract was agreed via online chat on the 6th December 2022 and is for 18 months on Fibre 65 (FTTC-OR) Broadband and Line Rental.


You wrote to me on the 24th May from Salford reminding me this contract was due to expire on the 6th June and offered me 3 renewal options.


The third of these options (which I would like to accept) is to move onto a new, matching Fibre 65 contract for £28 per month for another 24 months plus you would give me a free Amazon Echo Dot. The letter said this offer was available in My Account.


Having just logged in to My Account this offer is not available. Please advise.


Support Team
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Hi Carbon,


Thanks for the update.





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Hi @AllyM,


Thanks for your reply. FYI it's a Fixed Price contract with no yearly increases, but early termination charges apply if I leave before the end of the minimum term.


I know TT's communications are poor, for example they sent me both an email and a letter last September offering me a free upgrade to a Full Fibre connection including their new Digital Voice phone service and said I would receive an SMS text over the next few weeks with an appointment date ... and that was the last I heard. No SMS has been forthcoming.


Likewise my download speed has never reached their minimum guaranteed 55.1Mbps, although as I write it's 51.3 down & 18.8 up, pretty good as things go.


However their prices are very competitive and the free CallSafe is brilliant. Could be worse. 😁


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Good to see you got sorted out @Carbon .

In my experience, phoning the Loyalty Team is always the best way to negotiate a contract renewal deal.

Out of interest, is that a standard contract with April price rises or a fixed price plus deal?

I'm currently paying £24.95 per month for Fibre65 (FTTC) on a Fixed Price Plus deal which will end in a couple of months so it'll be interesting to see what renewal offers I get.


TalkTalk's communications are often poor, and unfortunately I don't think the staff on this forum will have much influence on offers which are posted to customers.



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Thanks for your reply. Live Chat was unresponsive (constantly loading with the circle going round) so I have just finished speaking to TalkTalk now on my home phone. The advisor said the 24th May offer was rolled out during April and expired on the 29th May. The letter was sent 2nd class and I didn't receive it until the 30th May. There's no mention of an expiry date in it.


The advisor has offered me a new contract - £27 per month for 24 months for Fibre 65 Broadband & Line Rental which I've accepted. No free Amazon Echo Dot however.


I'm not particularly bothered about not having the Echo Dot but if anyone from TalkTalk reads this perhaps you could post future letters in good time and state any expiry date that applies, as I'm not a mind reader.

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Sometimes they send out an offer that is generic and doesn't match the individual situation at all, @Carbon. Eg, one time I got offered Fibre 65 when not even Fibre 35 is available on my line. I can't get FTTC at all....


It's also better to ignore the offers in My Account anyway as, by default, they may include the TV charge or Supersafe which you'd prefer to be choosing or refusing.


You'll be much more in control if you simply phone 03451 720088 or use Chat, during the day (after 9am).


I'll move this to the billing section for you, as it's not an issue with your service. 


However, staff cannot set up a deal for you via the forum.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.