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Price Increase not matching CPI

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eceived an email stating my bill is going up by 3.7% and that means £2.08 for my package. This increase does not include any boosts or any discounts. 

If we use the full price of my bill including boosts then 3.7% is £2.10 for my package. But the email specifically states: "This increase does not include any Boosts, add-on services you currently have, or any discounts you receive on your account."

So without the boosts the actual broadband without any discounts is £40.95 and 3.7% of this is £1.51

So please can you tell me then why I am being charged above CPI?

Please can you also tell me why I spent over an hour on chat just for a person to not read a single message i sent and just keep sending me 3.7%!, 3.7%!. Is this the great customer service that TalkTalk offers? I wonder if Talk Talk would be happy if I paid 100% of my bill and by it paid £.0.0? 

Completely awful customer service. Something which should take 10 minute to explain led to an hour of me hitting my head against a brick wall and then not even being able to raise a complaint as the person does not know how to and then gave me an email address which does not work which when I did find a correct email address just says to go back on chat. Thank Goodness Talk Talk do not do a suicide hotline!

S. Ahmad

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You should be adding 7.7% to the actual monthly price you were paying last month for your broadband, net of any discounts. So £27.00 previously, does that add up?

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@Dondatta, ignore the boosts when it comes to this increase.


Whatever your core package for landline (before calls) is, plus Broadband, gets the CPI figure plus 3.7% added. CPI in December, published in January, was 4%.


So the total increase is 7.7% for Broadband and landline this time.


No mystery. It's been detailed in the Ts&Cs for several years now.


All ISPs currently do this, or usually worse (+ 3.9%) though may change to a fixed amount in future years after Ofcom pounced on the practice. Similar increases currently also apply to mobile phone contracts.


A switch to fixed amount increases in the future might actually leave us all worse off......



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It's CPI plus 3.7%, I think it's 7 7% in total. 

Also the way VAT is applied makes it not a straight increase.

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