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Feel a need to air how much I feel let down by TalkTalk & see if other customers have had the same bad experiance as myself with this company.

My problem/complaint started in Dec last year & after logging about 6 complaints im still no wiser & talktalk have still obtained £110 from me with no resolve.

Last year I paid talk talk £110 yet still to date they have not allocated this payment leaving me £110 out of pocket with this company which im sure you will agree in this current climate is a lot of money.

Ive raised 6 complants about this, my account has been resticted also about 6 times and as i work from home this has caused no end of problems with work due to restictions on Internet to the point where i came so close to nearly loosing my job.

I could write a book on this, the times ive repeatedly given talktalk the same information, yet still no resolve my bank even verified my payment with them...and dont ask me how many times ive received the same message " we will be calling you at so so time to speak about complaint number blablabla" yet no call ever happend.

Suffice to say ive had to pay this £110 yet again just so that i keep my services which alliws me to keep my job.

I'll now be leaving talktalk and expect to receive a hefty cancelation charge as my contract runs until Dec this year...

Im so dissapointed with this provider, not only are they once of the most expensive but also the customer service is one of the worst ive ever come across.

I work in Accounts Payable for a very big confectionery company, in my line of work i allocate incoming payments daily unallocated cash isnt a problem as we deal with this in a timely manner and 9 times out 10 we allocate the payments so im struggling to understand why they havnt found mine.

So im moving on to another oriver with English custmer service & I'll be paying half the amount so good bye & good luck i will not recommend your service to anyone..


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I know how you feel. For many weeks I have been subjected to frequent broadband dropout and the speed can vary from 1Mbps up to the stated 37 Mbps. I have had chats and several phone calls abroad only to be told that there is nothing wrong. I have had TWO replacement routers all to no avail. A talktalk engineer was dispatched to my house, I assume I will have to pay for him. He was told that he was to install a new router, not that there was a problem. He said he could not see a fault and went on his merry way. By this time, I had had enough and I have signed up with a different ISP, and all appears to be well, with 4 x the speed. Not that speed was a problem, I was quite happy when it was working well, but not happy when the problem occurred and could not be cured.  The problem is that the people you talk to on the phone all sing from the same hymn sheet and can't understand anything that doesn't fit into the standard problem. 



John Underwood