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Unsolicited Bill / Price Increase


Dear Sirs,


I have found an email today dated 1st March 2019 stating that my TalkTalk bill is going up from £22.50 to £26.50 effectively on the bill date of 28-2-19 and payable on 8-3-19.


After some investigation it now appears that I am being charged for TalkTalk TV, unless I decide to opt out of it !!!


Please note this not a service that I have ever signed up for and have ever used - in fact I dont even have a TalkTalk box to use this service !!!


Would you kindly amend my current bill back to its original contractual price forthwith and take whatever actions are necessary to prevent me being billed at this premium rate again.


Personally I believe that this is a sharp business practice that is taking place and, please rest assured that, I will be leaving TalkTalk once my contract expires and have no hesitation whatsoever in sharing my bad experience with others.


To reiterate, I do not wish to have Talk Talk TV added to my account, so please remove it and amend my bill accordingly.


For reference I am also taking this opportunity to write to Ofcom regarding what I believe to be a sharp business practice being carried out by TalkTalk plus reporting this to consumer programmes as featured on TV (Not TalkTalk TV).


I look forward to a speedy resonse regarding the above.


Best regards,




Community Team - TT Staff



No TV Charge will be applied to your account and any bill adjustments will show on the next bill.





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What on earth is going on ?????


Since your last response I have just seen that you have taken £25.85 from my bank account.


I objected to paying £26.50 and was led to believe that this would be amended back to the contractual price of £22.50.


So why have you taken £25.85 from my bank account ????


Are TalkTalk now just conjouring up figures out of thin air ????


Kindly address with immediate effect as some of us have better things to do than keep correcting TalkTalk mistakes, which I may hasten to add always seem to favour TalkTalk.


Not a happy customer !!!


Community Team - TT Staff

HI @lcdhome


Sorry that you are unhappy. 


A credit of £3.35 will be automatically raised against your next bill for the advanced TV charge which Karl has since removed. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.