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2 problems - internet and mail

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Hi, for the last few weeks I have had broadband (faster fibre) problems on an evening.  There doesn't seem to be a problem during the day but come early evening everything slows down and it's often impossible to connect to sites.  Talktalk have tested the line a few times and say it is working correctly but that the connection from the router to my device is not as it should be - I find this strange as it is fine during the day, and it is a problem only on my laptop - phone is fine.

The lights on my router flash constantly.

Also, since the middle of the month I have not been able to receive mails on my Mac (was Snow Leopard now El Capitan system).  I used the chat line and was told the problem is with my computer.  Can you help please?

Thank you in anticipation,



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Hi PoppyRossi


Thanks for your reply.


I think we should test with a different router. Are you happy for me to send a router for testing?



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Hi PoppyRossi 


Just a quick comment on the mail issue on your Mac. The El Capitan OS is no longer supported by Apple as they ceased providing security updates in 2018. TalkTalk ceased to support El Capitan, as far as secure mail via Mac Mail is concerned, on 3 March when secure mail requires TLS 1.2 connection security that Mac Mail on El Capitan does not offer.


The immediate solution whilst you consider an upgrade or replacement of your computer is to use TalkTalk Mail webmail.


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your full TalkTalk Mail email address and password, select Sign in.


You'll find your mail messages right there.


If you have any other questions related to TalkTalk Mail then come on over to the  Email forum and top of the forum list is a Start a topic button. Community works best when you own the topic and receive personal replies.

Or select here:
Start a topic
and post to a relevant forum board.


Scroll down to the New Message form, give your topic a Subject, select the forum board where your topic will appear, for example Email, enter the question in the Body area and when finished select the Post button.

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Hi Debbie, the problem is with wireless devices.  I don't understand why this should be when I have never had any connection problems before and I upgraded to Faster Fibre. Do you have any idea why there may be a problem with connection from my router to my laptop please?  I am really concerned as shortly I shall be starting on-line exam marking and will have strict targets to meet.

How can I solve the email problem on my desktop Mac please?


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Hi PoppyRossi


I'm sorry to hear this.


Can I just check, does this also happen on wired devices or only wireless?