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Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Weak Security Warning on Apple IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Connected to router but no internet

My router has had difficulties connecting since yesterday afternoon - now there is no internet at all. I have tried restarting it. I have enclosed a screenshot of the router log.  What should I try next?


internet playing up

hiya, so for the last few days ive been having issues with connecting to wifi which would normally be fixed after restarting the router a few times (which i normally dont have to do) and today i have no internet atall after restarting its been almost...

codewahn by First Timer
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WiFi Hub Channels setting

Problem with channel setting always returning to channel 1. This has only started recently and my neighbourhood channels are very crowded so moved to new unused channel (2.4Ghz) and by following day hub has returned to channel 1. Tried a number of ti...

cmingra by Participant
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I would like to upgrade to fibre...

I recently signed up to the Fast Broadband package, which was installed on the 9th of March following a slight delay. But I find it's horrendously slow all of the time. So, no offense, but the awful quality means I simply cannot really upload anythin...

Hawei Router DG8041W-21.T5.Settings

HiI have a Hawei Router DG8041W-21.T5.What I want to do is have it "open" so that people don't need to log in, but I can't find how to do that, there was a box to tick or not that says "open" in the wifi setup but that has not sorted it , still askin...

spike47 by Team Player
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Router changing channel

I have the Sagemcom as my main router with the older D-Link Model DSL-3782 connected by ethernet with DHCP turned off to provide roaming on the same SSID but different channels. It works perfectly until:1) the Sagemcom keeps changing channel often to...

Tim5230 by Conversation Starter
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Resolved! HG635 as a wifi extender?

Hello Sorry if this has been asked before, I’ve seen a couple of posts but am getting nowhere as I’m a complete numpty at this kind of thing  What I’m trying to do: I have a HG633 router installed for my house broadband which is working fine. I’ve r...

Ian05 by Popular Poster
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Wifi signal dropping out

Hi Talk TalkMy wifi is constantly dropping out more and more and we find ourselves having to reset the router at least a couple of times a week. Its getting very frustrating, especially as my partner works from home. We have a couple of hard wired de...


The router is connected to the computer through an eternetnet connection as is the TV and my Xbox. None of these devices can get an internet signal thorugh the ehternet cables. I have tried switching them round but nothing is effective. The router is...

Go live date - no internet

Hi. My go live date was yesterday (12/4). I received the email stating my account was now active. The phone line has switched fine but the broadband is not working. All I have is a flashing amber light on the router. I noted on my account there is a ...

Wifi Router optimising channels over our neighbours :-(

Hello, Can one of your very helpful support engineers turn off WiFi optimisation on our hub please? One of our nextdoor neighbours has an evil Eero hub which in one corner of out house has stronger signal than ours but after I move the channels apart...

Broken Router (no wifi)

Hi I have an issue with my router that I've tried to resolve by calling the helpline, but I don't they understand my issue and its really frustrating. Basically, my router is no longer emiting a wifi signal. ie, it doesn't show on any wireless device...

Request that the Wi-Fi auto-optimisation be disabled please.

Hello please could I request that the Wi-Fi auto-optimisation be disabled again on on my Router.This was previously disabled about 14 months ago, but is now active again. There are a number of Wi-Fi networks near to me which I believe is affecting my...

MarkAT by First Timer
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Fluctuating speeds (70mb - 71kmb) and main website login issues

Any known issues to why I can’t log into the main website to view my service?Only lets me log into the community service.Wifi is fluctuating a lot on PS5 and mobile - from unusable speeds to top speeds. Any known issues nationwide or In the area CH2 ...

220C6D00-C1B4-42A0-9E09-16D63017D1D0.png ADDED76E-806E-4463-A2F5-29E852085131.png 2A80FACA-2D0F-44A8-96D4-676D69C48C06.png
Zonnks by Popular Poster
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WiFi keeps dropping out

I am currently having to reboot my router up to four times a day as the WiFi keeps dropping out. This is becoming increasingly frustrating. As soon as I reboot all is ok again. The router is always displaying constant white light when the WiFi drops....

marksmen by Chatterbox
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2 problems - internet and mail

Hi, for the last few weeks I have had broadband (faster fibre) problems on an evening. There doesn't seem to be a problem during the day but come early evening everything slows down and it's often impossible to connect to sites. Talktalk have tested ...

PoppyRossi by Conversation Starter
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WiFi optimisation

Hi,Currently running router DG8041W an am encountering WiFi dropouts, mostly on the 2.5GHz band, but occasionally on the 5GHz too.Could the WiFi optimisation be disabled on my router please, as this seems to correspond to an automatic changing of cha...

rhyswyn by Popular Poster
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Replacement router for fibre 65

I am currently on the fibre 65 plan and my Internet speed isn't very good from my router. I did an online test and it said my internet speed was good, but the speed to my devices is getting worse and worse, and cuts out frequently meaning I have to c...

dchl2 by First Timer
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