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Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Weak Security Warning on Apple IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Connected to router but no internet

My router has had difficulties connecting since yesterday afternoon - now there is no internet at all. I have tried restarting it. I have enclosed a screenshot of the router log.  What should I try next?


internet playing up

hiya, so for the last few days ive been having issues with connecting to wifi which would normally be fixed after restarting the router a few times (which i normally dont have to do) and today i have no internet atall after restarting its been almost...

codewahn by First Timer
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Paying to monitor a faulty router

My internet connection which is normally rock solid with an occasional need to reboot was down for 14 hours yesterday 17/05/2022. After lengthy testing of a known working line and after multiple reboots and factory reset of the router and alleged twe...

johnbirt by Chatterbox
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Returns bag

HiCould you send a returns bag so I can return the router.Thanks

RN2021 by Team Player
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Router blocking access to VPN

I have previously used TalkTalk for 18 months with no issues connecting to my workplace VPN. My entire family have in the last 2 weeks lost access to VPN with their respective employers. The TalkTalk router has been checked by my work place and they ...

JPC2022 by Visitor
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My VPN has stopped working sin May 2022

HiI have been using the TalkTalk FAST 5362 and as of 5th May 2022, I am unable to VPN into my office. It was working ok until then, and on that day I lost the internet so called TalkTalk who advised me to reset the router, which I did and it all seem...

myerl by Sightseer
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Flashing Amber Light - Sagem Router

Hi Since moving into my new home almost 3 weeks ago we have been without internet connection and the live chat is absolutely useless! We keep getting told to run the same diagnostic tests over and over and they just won’t get an engineer out to recti...

Router will not stay on my manually selected channel

Hi My router will not stay on the channel that I manually select. A couple of years ago you resolved this for me by remotely switching off the wifi optimisation function but it has recurred recently [perhaps because I needed to reset the router ?]. P...

Smart devices no longer working via cloud

For the last few weeks all my smart devices (lights, heating, cameras) have stopped responding to apps or access via the cloud, has TT changed the settings on their routers? I can still ping and http connect to them on the lan bit everything else sto...

DG8041W. SSID starting to randomly disappear.

Hi, My router is currently an EchoLife DG8041W HW=I.1.01 SV=v1.06t and has been performing adequately for the past number of weeks/months. These last few days the router has been randomly dropping SSID. Only way to get it back is to reboot. I decided...

Pickus by Popular Poster
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DG8041W not forwarding IPSec vpn traffic

Hi, I have a DG8041W with fibre 65 connection. I have a VPN server on LAN. I can connect to the VPN ok from the LAN. when I try to connect to the server from the internet the connection fails negotiation. I have allowed IPSec ports upd-4500 and udp_5...

dw07dal by Participant
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Resolved! Replacement Router Request

Hi Guys, My tenants have been complaining of loss of internet sporadically over the last few weeks. Today I went in the property to see if I could fix the issue and found that the ADSL and Internet lights on my Openreach GFAST box were not lit. I reb...

Router return bag

Hi,Could I get a router return bag sent to a new address please? I was supposed to receive one at my previous address but it never arrived, and now I am at a new address.Thanks!

hodsh1 by Visitor
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PS5 refusing to connect

Recently my sons PS5 will not allow him to connect to PSN/Chat/Play games.I've tried adding the PSN rule in the firewall, tried setting it to a DMZ but the only way it will connect is if I disable the firewall entirely, which I'm not willing to do. I...

Router doesn't save settings

Hi, I have the Fast 5364 type router and when I use the Admin function to alter the settings, these don't stay as I left them. The next time I come to have a look, they've reverted to default. Each time I log out of the router page, I get a message s...

Captslog by Team Player
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Sagemcom FAST 5364 Router Issues - Firmware upgrade

Hello,I've been having problems with -1. Work VOIP phone has stopped working since - 02/05/22 - when the router had a firmware upgrade.2. Smart meter display stopped connecting to the internet3. Work VPN - As a lot of ppl have been saying in this for...

Fiber Broadband

I have received a text today letting me know I am expected to have a engineer, this Monday, for the installation of ''Future Fiber Broadband''. I did not request this and I am now worried a charge is going to be applied to my direct debit for somethi...

Elswicka by Repeat Guest
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Return bag request

Hi, I still have 1 of the faulty batch routers. Could I get a return bag sent out please? CheersStuart

Can't access VPN since last week

Hi there! I have been unable to access my VPN since last week and have seen some others have had similar issues - the problem being a firmware update to their router? I can access using other locations. Please can someone look into this for me?Many t...

ArchSB by Newbie
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When will my router arrive

Hi team, I was talking to a colleague of yours via phone (can't recall her name but she was amazing, really helpful after having to talk to many different people and get passed to many departments for 5+ hours) She solved my issues and got my package...

Manny77 by Visitor
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VPN WhatsApp and Firewall Issues

Sagecom WiFi hub. Firmware ending in 136 Adding my query/comment to the growing pile of similar on here Since Monday 2 May work VPN does not connect, nor Bosch EasyControl thermostat. WhatsApp “thinks about it” before displaying messages, and similar...

ggttjm by Popular Poster
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