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Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Weak Security Warning on Apple IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Multiple engineer visits and so many issues

Over the last month or so my internet has had random intermittent drop outs almost everyday.On top of that the speed slowly drops lower and lower each time until an engineer comes to fix it.I've seen multiple of them now and the issues continue. I've...

Setto by Popular Poster
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Flashing Amber Light - Sagem Router

Hi Since moving into my new home almost 3 weeks ago we have been without internet connection and the live chat is absolutely useless! We keep getting told to run the same diagnostic tests over and over and they just won’t get an engineer out to recti...

Booking an Engineer

Hi there, I've just been chatting to technical support on the live chat regarding a broadband problem. We've been having dropouts of DSL connection/signal with the internet and broadband lights going off completely. I've followed the talk talk guides...

house move (urgent)

HiI am asking again because I still don't understand! I am moving homeI filled in the form on Talk Talk website to move homeI got the dates. I move tomorrow 3rd May and my service at my old home ends on the 4th May.But I have been told I wont be conn...

harvey7 by Sightseer
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I have a SAGEMCOM FAST 5364 TALKTALK ROUTER - Wireless Hub with VDSL2/ADSL2 Modem for fibre, which has died.HARDWARE version: FAST5364 3.00FIRMWARE version = SG4K10002816tIt stopped working at 5.50am BST, the network went down and the LED was permane...

steve1234 by Conversation Starter
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Am I supposed to get an ETA for an engineer visit?

Our broadband hasn't been working for a couple of days now, and we were supposed to receive a visit from an engineer yesterday morning. The engineer didn't turn up, and when I phoned TalkTalk I was told to phone back after 6pm as the call hadn't been...

Feel like I’m banging my head against a wall!

Hello, For some background I have lived in my property for 4 years which has had a stable connection until a few weeks ago with various providers. I used to be a computer and load balancing engineer and have a fair amount of knowledge. I have been su...

Go live date - no internet

Hi. My go live date was yesterday (12/4). I received the email stating my account was now active. The phone line has switched fine but the broadband is not working. All I have is a flashing amber light on the router. I noted on my account there is a ...

Port forwarding/ISP issue

Reposting as it got removed for 0 reasons.Ok so after a whole day of trying to port forward everything i do ends up in ( not being able to see my ports. Im trying to host an assetto corsa server running on the ports 9601 and 8088. but...

Kinger227 by Popular Poster
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Supposedly connected now and STILL not working

We signed up with our live date 28th March.We had an engineer round and he said he was missing a component and we needed to wait for another engineer. A day later and not a word from TalkTalk so I rang up (there's NO contact details on your site for ...

BMChris by First Timer
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Want to change appointment time

Hi I am trying to change my connection date and appointment time for an engineer. But the link I have been sent to do this doesn't work and the phone lines are all closed, online ot states they are open Sunday. We have tried at least three numbers. W...

Cviggars by First Timer
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Openreach engineer required ... but how do I book?

I've been experiencing dropouts every 10 to 20 minutes for the last few hours. I was able to run the TalkTalk line test while it was working and it reported a fault that requires an openreach engineer to visit. I follow the link and log into my accou...

Steve92 by Team Player
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UK Technical Contact Needed Ugently

HiA while back I had a problem with my broadband that the online chat teams and overseas call centres could not resolve. Someone kindly gave me the number of the technical call centre in the UK (not a UK number that transfers to overseas, actually in...

KelandDave by Conversation Starter
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Eero and grandstream VOIP

Has anyone been successful with VOIP through eero and Grandstream adaptor. Had futurefibre 150 installed 10 days ago, there was a fault outside the house which has 'apparently' been repaired but internet still drops out and VOIP phone is a disaster. ...

Gleha by Team Player
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Why is Openreach asking me to do this?

I'm starting TalkTalk Fibre65 broadband on Monday, and I received the following text message from Openreach two days ago: Hi it's Openreach on behalf of TalkTalk. We're looking forward to activating your new service on 28 Feb. You won't need to be in...

LungMan by Chatterbox
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Broadband outages and crackling phone line

I had no problems until last week when a BT Openreach engineer came to do some work in my street (nothing to do with me). Since then I have had constant, repeated broadband outages and a severe crackling on my phone line.

PoppyRossi by Conversation Starter
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Guaranteed minimum 280Mbps, receiving 200

I've come back here as a last resort really.Since I upgraded from fibre 150 to fibre 250 on 1st February, the speeds have been nowhere near the guaranteed minimum. Monday, an engineer visited and 10 minutes before he arrived, the speed shot up to bet...

WiFi down again twice in 5 days

Please help my internet regularly goes down and an engineer is usually the only way it gets fixed. It's in need of a new line to my house to fix the issue long term. I'm meant to be working from home as much as I can due to covid for health reasons. ...

No service

I rang customer support on monday 31st jan 2022 and was told this would be fixed by 1pm. I later did a connection test and it was still down and recieved a text saying an engineer would come in 2-3 days. No engineer came and we still don't have an in...

Internet keeps dropping

Hi, My internet has been dropping a lot over the last few days making working from home a real challenge. Please could I get some support to resolve whatever is causing it. Thanks

When will TT confirm my account ?

HiI signed up with TT (67mbps) through Uswitch 26/01/22. It advised that I required an Openreach engineer so I chose the date: 01/03/22, however, although I am currently with Virgin Media, I do have an existing BT socket, so I doubt I do require an e...

uk69gb by Popular Poster
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Correct type of cable to use for installation

Technical advice needed, please!My current broadband provider is Virgin Media but I have recently signed up with TalkTalk and an installation engineer is booked for the end of February to effect the transfer from VM.I want the router to be set up in ...