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Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Weak Security Warning on Apple IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Download speed reducing over the years - Slow & Sluggish

Hi there,Not sure if I am in the right place but I am in need of some advice / assistance, I've been with talktalk for as long as I can remember, and up until recently have had no problems. I renewed my contract again for this year and was told my sp...

Spiug by Team Player
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Resolved! Wi-Fi optimisation

Since the latest software update, my 2.4G Wifi channel selection keeps changing from channel 11 to Channel 1, which causes interference problems from my neighbours Wifi.Can you please turn off Wifi optimisation for me, please!Thank you in advance!

Slow Fibre65 Broadband - Some things to consider

I recently moved from Fibre35 to Fibre65 but my Internet speed didn't improve, after much investigation I resolved the problem but what I found during the exercise might help some others resolve similar issues. Firstly this is what I have in my house...

WiFi Optimization

Hi, could you please turn off WIFI optimization for my Sagemcom Router.I am having continual WiFi problems and need to be able to permanently select WiFi channels in both the 2.4 and 5ghz bands. Thank you

Lidders by Chatterbox
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WiFI optimisation (again)

Can someone please switch this off again as I had to reset my router. Also can TalkTalk take notice that this is not helpful at all. The router defaults to Chan 36 which seems to be the default for every router, and sky Q boxes. Why can't it look for...

chrisg4kvi by Conversation Starter
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Router congestion control

If a member of my household uploads a video to YouTube, the internet goes down for all other household members, i.e. all other devices on the wireless network lose the internet, including internet radio in the kitchen. How to prevent this? I suspect ...

Mark9992 by Popular Poster
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My router isn't using the WiFi channels I have set and WiFi works much better on the less congested channels, I believe from other posts on the forum it's a setting that needs to be turned off so could a member from the support team get that sorted f...

Rugazi by First Timer
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Turning WiFi optimisation off

How can I get WiFi optimisation turned off? My default WiFi channels clash with my neighbours, causing poor performance particularly on the 2.4GHz band. I have changed the router settings manually which works great, but they default after a few hours...

A77WILLIS by Popular Poster
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Misleading Sync Speed on MyAccount vs Router

Good Morning, I noticed a discrepancy with the "speed to your router" on the "MyAccount" section of the talktalk website vs what is actually stated on the router (I also have Openreach data proving the figure on the router is correct). I was hoping t...

Very slow broadband after 'upgrade'.

I was getting around 60MB download and I was assured if I moved across to Fibre65 I would have the same speed as it included the faster fibre boost. It is virtually unusable at the moment. Everyone in the house is struggling. Ran a test and the resul...

Ste7en by Chat Champion
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Router Keeps Restting 2.4Ghz Channel

Hello, my router keeps resetting to channel 1 on the 2.4Ghz band.I've seen similar posts from other people about this. So can a staff person please look into my router and turn off that "optimisation" feature?Thanks.

Network Congestion ?

I have a Fibre 65 service which until recently had been excellent most of the time day & night but now for much of the day I'm struggling to get 0.5Mbps throughput. So I've used the online tester at least twice recently & am told my line is fine, 80M...

chtechie by Conversation Starter
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I have had packet loss issues for over a week now. Talk Talk just doing nothing to fix this. I have been sent out 2 different routers both of which has had ZERO difference. I have tried everything my end to ensure it is not a hardware issue. I have t...

megmog29 by Conversation Starter
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Need auto optimisation removed

Every day my router resets to the busiest channel (6) in the building where 50% of the wifis in the building are and the closest neighbour is also running 40MHz bandwidth on 6 and our signal is terrible, even with an extender. We need auto optimisati...

Phone poor and Broadband appalling

Quite urgent, as I still have a few pupils attending on Skype rather than in person. I noticed crackle and hiss on the phone line and the internet went down conspicuously recently, but it seemed to revive and the line cleared up. Now the noises that ...

Screenshot_20210629-104712_Chrome.jpg 20210629_110431.jpg

No On Demand

Losing on demand TV erratically but mainly in the evening. Have had the local TV engineer out to check everything from the router onwards. Have been with Talk Talk for years but I cannot get to talk to anyone in person to get this sorted out. Does th...

Wifi Auto Optimisation Disable Required

Spent hours on chat with 9 agents yesterday and got nowhere! My problem is the default channel 6 on the 2.4ghz band for my sagecom router is too congested for my I.P camera. I change to channel 1 and all is good, however, within an hour my camera is ...

Power and wireless light on but no internet light.

The WiFi has been working fine since it went live which was 2 days ago. Now all of a sudden there’s no Internet light however the power and wireless lights are on. I have followed all troubleshooting steps and left the WiFi off for over 30 minutes tw...

Disable Automatic Wireless Channel Selection

Hi, Could someone point me in the right direction with Disabling the Automatic Wireless Channel Selection? I try changing the Wireless Channel to 108 and it works a treat but after some time it automatically changes back, This is on 5Ghz... Unable to...

DNS name resolution failure - dozens per day

Hi there, I connect to a VPN for work purposes and am suffering broadband dropouts, which ends up crashing my software (my work software calls it "packer server errors" in an error box which pops up). So I looked in the router logs for the TalkTalk W...

Antony9 by Popular Poster
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