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For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

Router keeps switching 2.4Ghz channel

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Hi, my router keeps switching the 2.4Ghz to a bad channel. Please turn off the auto optimisation feature for me.


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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk, the connection has been ok so far. I appreciate you checking in with me, but you don't have to. If there're any issues, then I'll be sure to post about them. 🙂


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Hi MrGeneric


How's the connection been since the WIFI optimisation was switched off?


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Hi MrGeneric


Thank you.


We have fed this back to our Devices Team in regards to having an option for customers to switch this off themselves.


I will pass on your feedback to our Devices Team.


Thanks again.



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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk, thank you! Now that the WiFi optimisation is off, the channel will hopefully stay on the uninterfered channel number that I've set it on.

Now I just want to ask out of curiosity, why is it that us users need to contact TalkTalk to switch the WiFi optimisation off, instead of having the option in our router settings?


I see so many posts of users in the community asking TalkTalk to simply switch this optimisation off, and it's a total waste of both the staff's and the user's time.

Is TalkTalk considering pushing a firmware update to let the users switch it off ourselves?


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Hi MrGeneric


Thank you 🙂


I have switched the WIFI optimisation off, please let us know how the connection compares.




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Hey @Debbie-TalkTalk, I've now added the area code to my landline number in my Community Profile.

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Hi MrGeneric


Apologies, I can only see a mobile number and a really short number. Is this the landline number? Can you add the area code too please?


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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk, thanks for helping out. I just checked and my TalkTalk landline number is already in my Community Profile, in the "TalkTalk Phone or Account number" box.

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Hi MrGeneric


Please can you also add your TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile. I can then locate your details and switch the WIFI optimisation off.






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Thanks for the comment @ferguson. Yeah my community profile is complete.

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If you would like the support team to look into this for you make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk phone number and/or account number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond. They will be back online on Monday.