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Broadband help

For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

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Weak Security warning on Apple iOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....


I have been with TalkTalk for years now and have now seen how other broadband services have changed over the years, i have been offered a mesh router with a booster for the same price as TalkTalk on a 2 year contract.The difference is do i move on to...

Fixed today, not working again tonight!

The engineer did wonders today and got the fault sorted. Now all I get is every single programme and film buffering almost constantly! Come on TalkTalk get this sorted out please, your not shy or embarrassed to take your monthly money for a broken se...

I need a replacement router

Hi,I'm in need of a new router, please. Our connection speed to the device is constantly low. I have had live chat twice to try to fix this but still its the same. Can anyone help me in getting this resolved as I'm now paying for a service that I'm n...

Darren35 by First Timer
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Internet does not work

Internet does not work even tho it says it’s connected and functioning on speed and stability test. This is week 2 Speed Internet is not working AGAIN

Adelel by Participant
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Prime Video issue.

Hi all, I'm asking a question I'm sure I already know the answer to but I have to go through the motions to quash one of Amazon's reasons for my issue. Since yesterday I've been blocked from streaming any video on Amazon Prime by a pop up message sta...

DennisD51 by Conversation Starter
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Speech out of sync when streaming

I have fibre 24, my download speeds are usually around 24, upload around 3.When watching streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube the speech frequently stops and goes out of sync with the action. This is resolved, for a short time, by...

Discount on my broadband

Hi everyone.. i joined Talk Talk in Sept last year and couldn't be happier with the service. I have recently left my job to become my sons full-time carer. Are there any discounts or additional help i can get to help reduce my monthly bill? live stream not working live stream (of u-21 euros matches) just shows a continuous spinning wheel, both on the website on my laptop and on the app on Android 11 phone. Other videos (such as match highlights) stream ok. I have a Sagemcom 5364 router. I have ...

stevefowell by Conversation Starter
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Broadband speeds slowing down again

A week or two back I was getting around 9mbps upload and around 45-50 down, But over the past few weeks the speed has been reducing gradually.. Upload speed is quite important as I still do some livestreaming but these lower speeds I'm currently gett...

Slow download speeds

Hi, Today the Internet speed has dropped to around 5Mbps. I have carried our the usual checks, rebooted router, re-seated all cables etc. I carried out the TalkTalk speed test, which revealed that speed to the router was fine, but the speed from the ...

Resolved! Finding help

Can somebody please tell me how I find the actual help section on the talktalk website? I have a long series of problems, all of which boil down to "I'm getting terrible service", and I would like to discuss them with a real person via their interact...

Internet drop outs

For the last few weeks I've been getting drop out messages displayed on my television while watching streaming services. Allthough the message requests a response (enter) it generally restarts within seconds and is nothing more than an inconvenience....

des09 by Problem Solver
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Netflix Seeing TalkTalk as a VPN

Hello, I just rebooted my router and Netflix won’t recognise my region now so it won’t show me the shows I usually have. I contacted Netflix and they said “There might be chance Netflix is recognizing your ISP as VPN/Proxy” after I told them that the...

Broadband Speed

Hello, Tonight my internet speed is increadibly slow, at least half of what it should be and usually is; I went on the TalkTalk website and looked at what broadband speed packages I could get and my usual results are TalkTalk65 with a minimum of 32mb...

Overwatch 2

I'm having issue, where all players in the game are shaking every say, 10 seconds; I switched to my mobile data connection and this doesn't happen. Latency is fine, uninstalled and reinstalled game/GPU Drivers, Updated BIOS. Does anybody have any adv...

Chromecast not connecting anymore

I have several Chromecast and a nest mini which now no longer connect successfully to talk talk router. I've separated the 2.4 and 5g network names a while back but their not connecting now. Nest mini connects but no longer streams any music. If I co...

Smcn01 by First Timer
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VPN or PROXY enabled - Netflix

Evening, Im trying to watch certain shows on netflix but it comes up with "VPN or PROXY enabled"I restart the firestick and now half the content has disappeared (half way through John wick).As soon as i connect via my mobile Internet its all fine, al...

Matscom by Popular Poster
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Router and Mode

I want to buy the ASUS RT-AX86U but I’m unsure what to do; I guess I also need to buy a modem to push the internet through first so the router will work. Does anybody know which modem I can use, or does anybody have any advice on what to do; this is ...

Cancel my broadband service

I want to make a complaint about your service. I tried phoning the cancellations number to cancel my account and the man on the phone said he couldn't do anything for me. He left me on hold for around 10 minutes while he was away. This is a copy of t...

Wireless Security Camera

I am considering purchasing a wireless security camera which operates on 2.4G, how do I know if it will work with my router? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Netflix doesn't show all UK content (using unblocker or proxy?)

Netflix UK account won't find "better call Saul" when connected to TalkTalk WiFi, but finds it on my phone's 4G connection? Then find it on 4G and switch WiFi backon, I get a playback error about a using an unblocker or proxy. I don't have a VPN or a...

cj1980 by First Timer
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