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How do I remove old Wi-Fi connected printer

Enlightened One
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I recently replaced an old, broken Canon cartridge ink printer with a new Epson ink tank model. The new one works fine but, every time I print something, the Canon is offered as first option. I have a TalkTalk black box router and I assume my wi-fi connected devices can be controlled from its dashboard, but I can't see how to remove the Canon option. Any advice gratefully received. 


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I should have said the old Canon printer option has completely gone on my Win 10 tablet,  thanks NewbieHere.


On Android 12, it's



》More connection settings


》Default print service

The last does a search which only shows the Epson printer stuff; no sign of one for the old Canon.


I am still seeing the Canon option when I print,  though. 


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I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with android phones but I did find this on the internet - might be worth a try.

Find the printer you want to edit or remove, and then press and hold the printer name until the Manage printers menu displays. Tap Modify to edit the printer name or update the printer IP address, or tap Forget printer to remove the printer.



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Depending on Android version, try 


Settings > Connection (&sharing) >Print > Default Print Service and then see what AVAILABLE DEVICES are listed.


You may be able to remove the offending printer there.



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.... and if I'm using an android phone? I've looked and can see nowhere to delete devices in settings. I'm quite possibly wrong but I think I might have to access my Google,1 account. I'm definitely using WiFi Direct though as the Epson printer screen displays AP against the wireless icon. 


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I think I misread your post.

If it’s the old discarded Cannon printer that you want to stop appearing at the top of your “select printer” list you should be able to do it in your computers settings.


ie for Windows 10 

open settings

click on devices

click on printers & scanners

select the printer you want to remove

click the remove device button

confirm by clicking yes.


if you are using an apple computer 

choose Apple Menu

system preferences

printers & scanners

select printer in the list

click remove button

then click delete printer



Good Luck




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Thanks for that.  I might be on WiFi direct; the information in the Epson link looks familiar though I didn't specifically go down that route setting up the printer. I'll step back for now and try to understand what I've ended up with. Tbh, I'm getting rather too long in the tooth to remain as technically competent as I was 20 years ago,  so I might just settle for what I have, especially if my Windows tablet comes up to scratch. 


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It might just be Epson wi-fi direct is enabled.

Wi-Fi Direct Mode Setup

You can set up your product to communicate directly with your computer or another device without requiring a wireless router or access point.



1Epson product
2Computer with a wireless interface
3Other wireless device
Your product automatically selects one of these modes to communicate with your computer or device: Access point mode If your product is not already connected to a wireless network, it enters access point mode and the product itself acts as the network access point for up to 4 devices. When operating in this mode, your product displays an AP connection symbol on the LCD screen. Peer-to-peer mode If your product is already connected to a wireless network, it enters peer-to-peer mode and disconnects from any other networks. This also disables any other product features requiring access to the Internet. When operating in this mode, your product displays a Direct or D connection symbol on the LCD screen.
Note: To disconnect a peer-to-peer mode connection, release the connection to your product from your computer or other device. Your product will reconnect to the previously used network.

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Can't see either of them in the Wi-Fi network list, just my neighbour's broadband network,  but I'm offered both options and the Epson does print. 


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I've deleted the Canon print app on my Android phone but still get both options when I ask to print something. On the other hand,  at the moment, I'm seeing the Epson first,  which is a step forward. 


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@durdle  if the Canon printer is off, not connected to your router and no longer used, the issue is with the Canon printer software on your devices and nothing to do with your current WiFi connections.


Simply remove the Canon printer software from all your devices and when you go to print it will no longer appear as an option.

Support Team
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Hi durdle


Can you see this old device in the list of wireless networks?