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Ipad 10th Generation Keeps Losing Wifi Connection.

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My iPad keeps losing the wifi connection when it goes to sleep. It isn’t consistent though which doesn’t help. Sometimes it does it a few times each day, sometimes it goes for a couple of days without any issues. My iPhone SE is absolutely fine, (and my partner's iPad too) it’s just my iPad which has the problem. I have to restart the iPad to get the connection back. I’ve had a ‘remote diagnostic’ test carried out by Apple on my device and they told me that they couldn’t see anything wrong in my software/settings etc. My router has the latest firmware and I have reset it a couple of times. Today I changed the channels on the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz bands to another recommended channel but the problem was still there. Does anyone else have any issues with their iPads at all? Given that Apple have tested my device and reported no issues, then I’m left wondering about my router. 


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It won't be anything to do with the router or the WiFi channels if it only affects one device. There is possibly a setting it it to either keeps the network adapter on or turn it off to conserve the battery or something to do with aeroplane mode etc. I cannot be precise as I do not have any Apple devices.

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