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New Router, no built in modem

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Hi, I just spend a load of money on a Asus Rog Rapture router. I knew I would need a modem but assumed I could either use one of the old bt openreach ones, or just buy one. I just spoke to tech support on the phone and they are saying they don't sell any modems, just the talktalk wifi hubs which is what i already have. They said if I upgraded to the 150 service I could get a modem, but that service isn't available in my area. Is there a way around this? I'm in contract until Feb 2023.


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That should work fine, subject to the usual caveats about purchasing off eBay!  🙂

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Thanks all for your help!

I was looking at an unlocked BT Openreach Hauwei Echolife HG612 FTTC VDSL Fibre Modem on ebay.

Does anyone know if this would work, or does anyone know of any better options?



Support Team
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Hi nogglet,


As Skynet and ferguson have said, unfortunately I think you would need to source your own modem to work with your router


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Assuming you have a FTTC service then you should be able to use an Openreach VDSL modem in conjunction with your new router.

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Hi @nogglet,


You can just buy a modem to use, but not from TalkTalk. This page gives you the settings you would need on a non TalkTalk modem/router for it to connect to their service.


The trick here will be finding a good compatible modem that works well with the TalkTalk service, I can't comment on that as it is not something I've ever tried to do, but others with experience of using a 3rd party modem might hopefully be able to post here to give some recommendations.