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Poor customer service

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I emailed this to today.

“To whom this may concern,
I wish to make a formal complaint about the level of service provided by Talktalk.
On 3/1/22 we started having a loss of service on our telephone line and broadband. I went down the self test route followed by numerous online chats. I was told we would get a new router sent to correct the problem. This did not arrive and following more chats an Openreach engineer was sent on 7/1/22. The engineer said there was a fault outside the house and that he’d repaired it. The fault continued.
On 8/1/22 we were unsure if the Router was still on its way, apparently it was, it never arrived.
On 11/1/22 we were expecting another engineer, arranged by Talktalk, to come this day, they didn’t.
On 12/1/22 another Openreach engineer came, said we needed a new line and new pole, there were issues with pole accessibility.
On 19/1/22 Openreach ran a temporary repair to our house, hanging off tree branches and cable-tied to our garden fence, we were told the permanent fix would be completed by the end of March
February 2022 - contacted Talktalk to ask why no automatic compensation - told it would be applied in March.
9/3/22 recurrence of poor connection and line issues, informed Talktalk, no obvious response
9/3/22 contacted Talktalk to ask why we have not received automatic compensation for the ongoing losses to our service, inadequate response
8/4/22 contacted Talktalk as broadband dropping (we have now abandoned using the telephone line), attempted online chat and telephone call, both useless, the telephone assistant tried to tell me it was because I hadn’t switched off my router for two months,  even though I told them about the outstanding Openreach repair.
12/4/22 phoned Talktalk, spent 56 minutes on the phone, was eventually told to contact Openreach myself and given a reference number, I said Openreach would not previously communicate directly with me as I had to go via Talktalk, I was assured I had to contact them directly and given a number (08000232023) & reference (...........). Open reach will not communicate with me and referred me back to Talktalk.
So, over three months later I still have a line fault, broadband that drops or goes slowly, especially in bad weather, I have spent many hours trying to get this resolved and make no progress, I have spent time waiting for Openreach engineers who have not always turned up. Talktalk appear to have very poorly trained staff that will not listen and are fully focused on following the same fault guide every time even if it is not indicated. I want this resolved promptly as I am currently paying for a service I am not getting. I want to know why this has not been dealt with adequately, why the level of communication is so poor and why I was told to contact Openreach directly. I would also like an copy of your complaints procedure and who to contact out with your company if I get an inadequate response. Lastly I would like copies off all my communications with Talktalk from the start of 2022, both online chats and recorded telephone calls.
Kind regards,
Scott Dickson”


Unbelievably they responded immediately - advising me to go to the community, or the tech chat (already done numerous times) or phone them (on the number I have already phoned numerous times). They are appalling. Any suggestions (other than change provider). 


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Hi Scott71,


Thanks for updating your profile. I'm sorry about this but it looks as though Openreach have close the fault. Is your phone line completely dead (no dial tone)?



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thanks for replying - I’ve updated my profile. The landline no longer has a handset plugged in so the alternative number is the one to

use if phoning. 


Support Team
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Hi Scott71,


I'm sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience. If you'd like us to help can you please update your community profile to include your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Alternative contact number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.