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Random WiFi disconect

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Hi folks,

I moved house back in Nov 2023 and at the new house I am constantly getting random wifi dropouts.

Using a wifi analyser I can se that there is a lot of wifi networks in my area and it looks like they are all competing for the wifi channels. I have a feeling that the constant channel switching on the router is causing the dropouts.

Can someone please disable the WiFi optimisation on my router?

Screenshot_20240418_091637_WiFi Analyzer (1).jpeg

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Hi @SteveBrewster 


Thanks for letting us know.


I'm just sending you a Private Message with a link to a short survey for the Community.




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WiFi optimization has been disabled on my router since April 24th (approx 10 days) and I have had no further issues with wifi dropouts.

I have chosen a fixed channel for my own wifi and all the other routers in the local vicinity have "optimized" themselves away from this channel. I believe that contention for wifi channels was causing all the local routers to "optimize" and select a new channel, however, everyone else was doing the same thing, and so the newly selected channel would be just as bad. Loop ad infinitum.


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Hi @SteveBrewster 


How has your connection been over the last week?




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Hi @SteveBrewster 


I'm just sending you a Private Message.






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Hi Chris,


No. There are no devices or other electronics within at least 6 feet of the router. The router itself is located on a shelf in the corner of the living room and faces directly into the room. I experience wifi drop-outs all of my other devices (smart tv, desktop pc, laptop, tablet and mobile). Device distance from the router does not seem to have an effect either, with disconnects happening in the next room, the bedroom directly above or even sitting on the sofa a few feet away. The wifi will disconnect and disappear from available list for approx 1-2 mins before reappearing and re-connecting. Between disconnects, the wifi signal remains strong and fast.

I believe this is definately a problem with the talk talk router. I have confirmed this by connecting a netgear access point to the router via an ethernet cable. The wifi signal from ths netgear access point has remained stable and fast now for the last 4 days, while the wifi from the router continues to drop-out. The routers connection to talk talk broadband appears to remain stable throughout.


Can you please go ahead and disable wifi optimisation on the talk talk router as requested.


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Hi Steve,


Yes unfortunately it looks like all local area channels are congested, disabling wifi optimisation will probably just make it worse. Is your router situated close to wireless or electrical devices that could be causing interference?




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Staff will be back after the weekend, @SteveBrewster.


Make sure that you have added your Talktalk phone number or account number in Personal Information for them to identify your account. 


Go via your avatar; settings; drop down menu,  Personal Information.....SAVE CHANGES. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.