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Renewing Contract

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My contract ends soon. I'm on Fibre 65 for £25 per month and £3 for tv. Fibre doesn't actually enter my property so I only get 41 Mb/s, but it's fast enough for my needs. I've got a renewal email but it only mentions moving onto a new 65 contract for £28 per month.

Can I downgrade my package to say the Fibre 35, and would this be cheaper?

It doesn't even seem to allow me to do this in my account either.

I don't want the tv add-on any more either, so if I did click on renew, would it automatically carry this across to the new contract, or would it allow me to stop it?


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Renewals cannot be done via the forum and you'd be best of phoning and specifically asking for the loyalty team. They hold the best deals available and can remove the TV for you too. Doing a renewal via the web adds this charge and you'd then need to phone anyway to get it removed.


You should be able to downgrade but may find the difference negligible. 


Good luck 


Try phoning 0345 172 0088

Opening Hours can be found here -

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