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Router firmware compatible with PPTP VPN

First Timer
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My wife's company uses a PPTP VPN, she is currently speaking to someone through your online chat but they don't appear to be able to help or understand the issue. Our router firmware needs to be upgraded or downgraded to a version that is compatible with PPTP VPN. Can someone urgently help us with this at all?


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Hi MisterDiPY


No problem 🙂  I'm so glad to hear that this is now working ok.


The next firmware version will be fully tested for this issue before being rolled out.



First Timer
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Oh thanks Debbie I just saw you message, thanks so much! VPN is now connected!


Is the firmware likely to change again and disrupt the VPN again in the future?

Support Team
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Hi MisterDiPY


Apologies for this.


I've made a change to your router firmware, please can you retest and let us know how you get on.





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Hi @MisterDiPY,


What model of router do you have ?


If you have the Sagemcom Wi-Fi Hub, and the VPN has recently stopped working, then this will probably have been caused by the firmware upgrading to a new version.


What VPN software do you use, or is it the built in Windows 10/11 VPN ?


The support team here will be able to help, if you do have the Sagemcom they will probably be able to fix it by changing some router settings or changing the firmware, they will hopefully be able to reply tomorrow.