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Talktalk lying to me

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Broadband has been disconnecting since the evening of the 25th. Talktalk have messaged me saying the Open Reach Engineers have been to fix it twice which is a pack of lies as the same fault continues. This is how Talktalk treat vulnerable customers.The service is disconnected after midnight and then during the day it is intermittent. First chance I get I will be leaving this company as you can't trust them


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I'm really sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault. I can see some re-connections on the line, however they have started to reduce over the last 48hrs. Have you also noticed this? Is there any noise on the voice service? Has the set up changed at all since this was set up by the engineer? Have you noticed if when the connection drops if any of the lights change on the Openreach modem or just the router?





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Just to let you know staff here work normal office hours and posts are dealt with in order, so if you are looking for their help it may be tomorrow or Monday before they get back to you.


You mention vulnerable customer, have your registered as such?


One further point, if it's Openreach who are failing to fix this issue, other providers are reliant on them too, so you would probably of had the same experience whoever your ISP was. I'm not defending TalkTalk here, just pointing out a fact that it's potentially Openreach at fault.


Hopefully staff here will be able to help and in view of your vulnerable comment I have escalated this to them.

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