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I work from home and have successfully used a VPN to connect remotely to work for the past 2 years. Yesterday it suddenly stopped working. I contacted our IT guy who checked everything out and he was able to login remotely as me so he suggested the router might be the problem as this happened to one of my colleagues and TalkTalk supplied my colleague with a new router which solved the problem. I came on here and saw that it seems to be a common problem so contacted TalkTalk on live chat. They identified a fault on my line & sent out and engineer this morning. The engineer sorted the fault on the line but it did not solve my VPN problem. I’ve since spoken to TalkTalk twice on live chat and on phone but they are still saying the problem is with my work but my IT guy has checked everything again and is of the same opinion that it’s the router. I’m at my wits end as this seems to be a known problem but they are not resolving it and I’m now almost 2 days without my connection. Would appreciate any suggestions or help from someone at TalkTalk.


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Hi oklahamas


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, I can then take a look at this for you.





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Hi @oklahamas the issue is likely a Microsoft update. Tt have a fix till ms sort it. 

Please add your landline phone number to your community profile so that you may be identified, please don't post personal details here.


Unfortunately with the holidays it will be Tuesday before you get much action 

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