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Vulnerable person needs help

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Hi, I am wanting to raise a question on behalf of my daughter as she is suffering mental health issues at the moment. The point of the message is that she moved in to an apartment 6 months ago and on the day of the install it turns out that the socket in her flat isn't live.  So she has had to co-ordinate with her landlords and TalkTalk for an engineer to attend on a set date so he could gain access the first floor office. On the day of the install she received a text saying it should be working despite the engineer not turning up. Obviously this did not fix the fault!!! This has come to a point now where she just wants a refund and to walk away from all the hassle. When she has gone down this route she was advised that she would have to pay a cancellation fee. How can you cancel something you have never had. Before I go the ombudsman or the BBC Watchdog we are wanting to know what the rule of conduct is supposed to do for a vulnerable person who tries and gets nowhere with TalkTalk.  If this connection can get fixed can the contract be reset and the months lost be given in lieu?


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Hi martinsimpson7155


I'm so sorry to hear this.


The previous fault was closed by Openreach. Can I just check, have you tested with a phone at the test socket?

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@martinsimpson7155, have you plugged in a phone? Is there a normal tone?


If you dial 17070, is a number read back to you? Is it what you expected?


If not, mention that in Private Notes (see below).


Also check the quality of the line - if there's a crackle, that can indicate a potential fault. Or is it totally dead?


Staff will need to identify this account. 


Don't post any personal information details on the public thread.


Go via your avatar/name; settings; from the drop down menu that starts with "email", choose Personal Information. At the end of that section, in Private Notes, add your daughter's name, address, landline number associated with this account, account number, and a fallback phone number (could be a mobile). SAVE CHANGES. 


Staff will then try to get to the bottom of what is happening with the service.


Billing can be sorted out once this has been investigated. 


Depending upon when this was first reported, automatic compensation might apply if there's been a total loss of service, an engineer missed a specific booked appointment, or there's been a total delay to the service. You would not normally be billed unless the service was up and running, which is why it's worth checking the phone line, to establish that fact.


Details of automatic compensation are here:


There's also a Complaints Code accessible from the link at the bottom of the page, as well as a link to Ts&Cs.


It's worth taking a look at all that information, but give staff time to reach your thread - daytime, weekdays. 


Your post is in the queue for attention. 


Any notification emails will be from a No Reply address, so post any responses to staff back on this topic.


They may require you to use the Private Message system as well - that's accessed top right via the envelope, next to your profile image, or once you click on that, to the right of the notifications bell symbol. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@martinsimpson7155  PLEASE do not keep posting topics the same issue, the rules here are one topic per issue.


Wait for a staff member to reply to this one, the other two have been reported to a moderator as unnecessary.