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WiFi Connected but No Internet issues

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I am posting on behalf of my 82 year old mother, who doesn't really have the technical knowledge to describe the issues, or the WiFi strength to access this forum!! Firstly I don't have a TalkTalk beef as I have been a TT customer for several years and have no problems with my WiFi network.
My mother is on the Fibre35 package using the TalkTalk black router which was issued when she moved onto this package. She pays a considerable amount monthly for this, as she also needs to use a landline for all calls owing to near non-existent mobile network where she lives, so pays additionally for a landline calls add on. The issue: on a daily basis when trying to connect through her device, she gets the 'Connected - No internet' status'. This can only be remedied by resetting the router (power off/on) which gives WiFi but at an excruciatingly slow speed. The next day (or sometimes later that day) when trying to connect it is back to the 'Connected - No internet' status and here we go again... I have run the TalkTalk line tests which claims no issues with their network link to the property, and it is not my mother's device as I get the exactly the same situation with my devices (smartphone, tablet etc) when visiting. There is no problem with making or receiving landline calls. The router has been moved around the property to distance it from other WiFi enabled devices and is connected to the primary phone socket entering the property, so I can only conclude that the router is at fault unless TalkTalk have other suggestions. My mother gets terribly upset and frustrated at this given she is paying out for something that doesn't work, but doesn't understand what is happening, especially as she is increasingly forced to carry out everyday functions online, and will soon be forced onto a digital landline network, which relies on a permanent and reliable broadband connection.


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Hi marquebus


Have you received the replacement router?


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Hi marquebus


No problem. The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.


Thanks again.



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Thanks Debbie, that would be much appreciated. Hopefully this will narrow down or even solve the issue

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Hi marquebus


Thanks for your reply 🙂


I've completed a line test and this is clear - No faults detected, but I can see some re connections on the line.


Would you like me to send a replacement router for testing first so we can rule this out?

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Hi Debbie, yes the number uploaded to the profile is the number/account in question rather than my own

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Hi marquebus


I'm so sorry to hear this.


Can I just check, is the telephone number in your Community Profile the number for the line in question? (please do not post the number on this thread)


If these are your details then please can you add your mums name and landline number to the Private Notes section of your Community Profile.






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Pop your mother's details in the Private notes section of your community profile: name, address and TalkTalk phone number. The support team can then have a look at this for you.