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For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

broadband renewal or departure

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My contract is about to expire and I am considering my options going forward. My current broadband service over the past year or so has been below par and is currently below the minimum guaranteed minimum download speed. I have had several visits from Openreach engineers who have determined that there is a fault on the line between my house and and the box on the the street, however they told me that BT/Openreach won’t attempt to fix the fault as I am too far away from the box to guarantee the speeds promised by Talk Talk. As a result I have been looking round for alternatives but before I make a final decision I was wondering what deals you can offer me bearing in mind Fibre150 appears not to be an option.


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Just check "offers and upgrades" in My Account, @brokenboiler.


Then it's best to ring 03451 720088 and see if you can get an improved offer. You can also just use Chat for this.


Chat is open on Sunday, but phone support would be after 9am on Monday. 


Staff cannot fix up deals for you, but they can check that they have been processed correctly. If you need to follow up with any aspect of My Account or your contract, post afresh in the billing section. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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You'll need to phone the Loyalty Team and ask them what renewal deal they can offer you. staff on here aren't able to do that.



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Yeas, I am fully aware of that, my point is what deal can TalkTalk offer me going forward, given that Fibre150 is not an option. 


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If you are still to be using an Openreach serviced FTTC you will be stuck with that same line problem no matter which ISP, @brokenboiler.


So you need to investigate a fresh installation and order Full Fibre if any is available or different infrastructure again with Virgin.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.