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how often (or when) does my ip address change?

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Looking at previous posts, it appears my talktalk IP address is not static (with other ISP's it has been). And I have just noticed that an Ip address that I noted back in August is not the my current IP address.
Does IP address change when router is rebooted? Can it occur at other times / other circumstances?
Outside of moving to a business account, can talktalk provide a static address?


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Thanks for the answer - yes this can be closed.

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Hi norricorp,

I can see that Gondola has answered your question, please let us know if you need any further assistance


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TalkTalk Consumer home broadband does not offer a static IP address. TalkTalk Business does offer a static IP address. 


The IP address is assigned by the TalkTalk Edge router when a new connection is established. On an ADSL connection a router reboot would force a new connection and usually get a new IP address. On VDSL fibre it's normal to have to let the home router session/connection to the DSLAM in the street cabinet end before a new connection to the Edge router may then get a new IP address. So, for these fibre connections you would normally give the home router a 30 minute power down to establish a new session/connection. 

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