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Blocked emails

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Someone is trying to send me emails but they are not getting through. It is suggested that I look in spam or a blocked email list. They are definitely not in a spam folder but I don't know where to look for the latter. Is there an email safe list somewhere?


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You need to return to the message board and click on start a topic as each help thread is treated individually to avoid confusion. 


You also need to complete your community forum profile details for staff to identify your account. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Yes, the topic might be 6 months old but its still relevant.  All the pertinent information is in my first pist.


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Hi gbb483, you've jumped onto a 6 month old topic. Please start a new topic and include as much information as possible. 




Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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I have the same problem with email alerts from zoopla.  They used to get through, but I haven't recieved any since 1st May.


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The mail service that links to that domain is mailgun. There is a valid SPF file so inbound mail to recipients can be authenticated.


Mailgun do add email addresses to a suppression list if there are bounce back errors during mail delivery. Mailgun don't necessarily discriminate between soft and hard bounces.


Companies using mailgun do have access via a control panel to check and remove addresses from the suppressed sending list. There's also the option to add addresses to a whitelist to send and ignore bounce back messages.


Mailgun suppression information.


Let us know if the originator finds that sending has been suppressed.

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It is


Thank you.

Is there such a thing as an email safe list or equivalent in TalkTalk email?


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There's a little clue in what you've said that 3 recipients are not getting the emails. This might indicate the emails sent are not fully authenticated. TalkTalk Mail is very strict on accepting only fully authenticated emails. Some other mail services are similarly strict but some not so. Which is why some recipients do see those mail messages.


What's the sender's domain - just the bit after the @ symbol in their email address. I'll check that out for you.

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Hi Gondola,
There exists only one rule and it will not affect this sender.
It is an organisation that untertake DBS checks on individuals and therefore have to send out forms to be completed. The committee members of our music festival each have to complete a form but three members are not getting the emails, me included. It is claimed  their emails are either not being accepting or being put in junk mail but neither seems to be true. 

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Is this a large organisation likely to be using a bulk mail service? If so have you asked them to check there's no stop on sending that's been applied by the bulk mail service provider?


Or a small business or individual using a personal email address?


Have you had emails from them before?


You may have inherited from a former mail platform a Filter Rule called a Blocked Senders Filter. So sign in to TalkTalk Mail webmail and check via the Settings cog icon, top right, the All settings menu item and Mail in the left pane. Scroll down to Rules. If that indicates there is no rule defined then that's OK. If you see any other Rules then select the X icon to the right of each rule to delete it and confirm deletion. 


Let us know more when you've checked.

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