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Email nightmare

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I hope someone can advise. This is driving me mad....


When my partner and I went our separate ways, I transferred ownership of my TalkTalk broadband account to her. She now pays the bills and the account is in her name.


However, for convenience, I have continued to use the two TT email accounts that I have used for years. Access hasn't been a problem and I've even been able to change my email passwords occasionally... until about 2 days ago! 


I realised that some emails were missing and I was having issues with sending so I tried to log into webmail and found that I couldn't do so as my passwords weren't recognised... I'd fairly recently changed them, using Apple's 'secure password generator' - which meant I couldn't remember them!


Having spent 3 hours on TT's chat service, I was frustrated and had got nowhere. The next morning I called and spoke with someone at the call centre and (eventually) worked out that I needed to ask my ex to allow me access to her 'My Account' (we are on good terms) so that I could go through the email 'change password' system. This was fine for Account 1 - the two options for the reset code to be sent to were my mobile number and one of my TT email addresses. Obviously, the latter wasn't very useful but I got the code on my mobile. Bingo!


Now for Account 2. This time the reset options were my two TT email addresses. The one I was trying to access (2) was obviously of no use so I selected the other. I did this numerous times and no code ever arrived in Account 1.


Now what? My ex and myself have both spent quite a lot of time on the phone this afternoon trying to explain the problem to call centre staff, being given incorrect advice and being passed around a variety of people who have been of little help. Can I actually speak to someone at TalkTalk who can help me?





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Hi Criso, there's an easy way to fix this quickly. If you ask your ex to register on here and request that we update the password reset tool with new details (yours). If you have a TT account she can then ask me to release the affected emails from her account, I can then add them to your account at your request.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Normally when a customer MyAccount changes ownership the email addresses are not transferred with that customer MyAccount because the registered owner (I'm assuming you) would be the broadband service account holder at the time the email address was created.  You may need to think back to that time and be able to come up with the postal address and landline phone number that will be linked to the email address.


I'll let TalkTalk know that the password recovery options require your mobile phone number adding.  A TalkTalk Support member will need to verify you as the registered email user and set up a password recovery alternate email address (preferably not a TalkTalk address) and mobile number (the Reset details) so you can send a password reset link or code to authenticate a password change.


In your Community Profile, Personal Information, Private notes (scroll down) add the email address needing recovery

Check and Save changes

Select here: Update your profile


A TalkTalk Support member will reply to this thread and then Community Private Message you to confirm your customer account details and or details related to the original registration of the email address. Also requested will be the alternate email address and mobile number for password recovery Reset details.


When verified the Reset details will be set up during a working week within 24 hours allowing you to set your own password via the Forgotten your password journey. Make sure the password is ultra-strong and unique to the mailbox. Check via the  TalkTalk Mail sign in that you can access the mailbox.


Let us know if you need more guidance.

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