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Error sending emails

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Error message when sending emails.

Too many recipients - have checked my webmail and there is no unusual activity and also reset passwords and waited 24 hours. Still the problem persists - sometimes on a single mail sometimes with a group which has worked previously. I normally send no more than 10 emails per day except when I send to a group of around 30. Any idea of a solution?


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Not tried checking other email addresses yet


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Thanks Gondola


Tried to send one email only to a known to be correct address.

Not using an overseas network or VPN as far as I know.


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Hi Jerseyboy 


How did you get on with checking the validity of the email addresses you were sending to? 


The reason is that your sending is now rate limited for suspected spam. If you happened to be sending from a network considered as a high spam risk (an overseas network or using an overseas VPN host might be in this category) or you were attempting to send to unavailable email addresses then you'd expect to see the TT605 error come up.


I escalated this topic for TalkTalk support yesterday. There may be a wait for support currently.

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Tried again today

Reset password and tried to send one single mail - would not send.

Different error message - too many recipients TT605.

Anyone any better ideas - would be good to get contact/acknowledgement from someone at TT


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Hey Gondola - thanks - in progress


Nothing in sent/trash.

Auto forward disabled

Filter rules disabled

Will check email addresses



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...Have a look in the Sent objects and Trash to see if there's anything obvious. Hopefully there is nothing that you're not aware of. If a spammer had got in I might expect you to see a few mailer-daemon bounceback errors in your Inbox.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Hey Gondola - thanks.

Changed my password a couple of days ago - so that should be sorted.

Can I see/check if there is/has been unauthorized sending?

Never sent 500 emails in a day in my life!

Will check filter rules and auto forwarding to make sure (in Outlook also?) - maybe some individual addresses to be check out.

Watch this space


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Hi Jerseyboy 


Just in case someone is hijacking your mailbox to send unauthorised mail messages I'd change the mailbox password.


Keep to using TalkTalk Mail (webmail) for a bit just in case there's a lower level of limiting being imposed on your IP address because of suspected spam.


The error indicates your mail sending is being rate limited because of too many sent messages in the preceding 24 hour period.  Assuming normal rate limiting that would be 500 recipients per day.


Let's assume there's no unauthorised sending. What can trigger the limiter is Auto forwarding of received mail so make sure that's disabled for now. Filter rules redirecting specific mail messages off-platform, so again make sure Filter rules are disabled for now. And finally, wrong email addresses in a group send causing the complete send to be refused and hence retried. So carefully check that individual addresses are not bouncing your mail as unwanted or undeliverable. Retries of group sends will rack up the recipient count dramatically.

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Hey Gondola


Used to be TT but got farmed out to Fleur a few years ago - they provide phone and broadband


Use mainly Outlook to access my emails but have received the error messages through TTWebmail as well. I bought into the latest TTWebmail a few months ago.


Error messages vary - this is one '453 4.1.1 ZH3YjeWLmUAtW Too Many Recipients (TT502) - but have received a few with different TT numbers on the end. I have one group distribution with around 40 contacts which I use perhaps once or twice a month at most. Generally send a max of 10 emails per day. A couple of days ago I received the error when sending my only email of the day when I hadn't used it for a day or so at all.


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Hi @Jerseyboy 


Are you a TalkTalk Consumer broadband customer?  If not what broadband network are you connected to? 


Do you see the send error when using webmail to send via the TalkTalk Mail sign in or are you using a legacy mail domain? i.e. not or one of the lineone or tiscali family domains.


What's the full error message? Numbers and TT code and description. And does the error message come up on every send?

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